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फ़ार्म हाउस · Aluniș
Transylvanian Farmstay
Transylvanian Farmstay is a woodcabin located on an ecological beef cattle farm. The cabin itself is on a 1.5 hectare fenced property whitch features a 0.4 fishing pond, two smaller aqua cultural basins , the woodcabin with a big terrace, and a natural recreational swimming pond. A farmstay isn't a farmstay without animals, so we have a few sheep and deer grazing, on the property. The woodcabin has a double bed and an extendable sofa so it's suitable for a family with 2children or a couple.
₹6,355 प्रति रात
पूरा गेस्टहाउस · Reghin
Reghin guest house
Our one bedroom studio apartment has a true city feeling! It comfortably fits three and is centrally located on a quiet street, just one corner from city center at the bottom of the street. Car parking is available. The apartment is situated infront of the house on about 40 sqm and has one bedroom, one living room with kitchen corner and bathroom. The kitchen corner is equipped with 2 spot hot plate, toaster, coffee maker, kettle, washbasin and basic dishes. You can also enjoy the terace .
₹3,881 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
पूरा घर · Reghin
Grandma's House
We rent the house "Grandma's House" for 2,3 or 4 persons. We are happy to host you in our house which offers a welcoming bedroom with double bed, a generous living room with a extensible bed, smart TV and WI-FI, dining place, kitchen equipped with refrigerator, stove and hood and a bathroom with shower. We accept animals and they have access to the totally fenced yard. Features: - washing machine - shower - free parking space - terrace with wooden swing
₹3,381 प्रति रात

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पूरा कॉटेज · Comuna Bala
Old Transylvanian House
₹4,766 प्रति रात
फ़ार्म हाउस · Băiţa
Cozy house in Transylvania
₹2,359 प्रति रात
पूरा कॉटेज · Batoș
Casă săsească la Batoș.
₹7,149 प्रति रात
पूरा लकड़ी का केबिन · Glăjărie 490 a
Transylvania village house (entire house !)
₹3,527 प्रति रात
पूरा छुट्टी बिताने का घर · Voivodeni / Tirgu Mures
Lovely apartment with a garden and swimming pond
₹4,344 प्रति रात
पूरा कॉन्डो · Sângeorgiu de Mureș
Katis Gasthaus - Târgu Mureș
₹1,350 प्रति रात
पूरा कॉटेज · Periș
Erika's Holiday Cottage
₹10,527 प्रति रात
निजी कमरा · Dumbrăvioara
₹2,044 प्रति रात
पूरा कॉटेज · Gledin
Casa Diana
₹2,383 प्रति रात
निजी कमरा · Vălenii de Mureş
₹1,906 प्रति रात
निजी कमरा · Sângeorgiu de Mureș
Casa cu flori
₹1,986 प्रति रात
होटल का कमरा · Curteni
Country Court Curteni (Udvarfalva) nr.177.
₹2,752 प्रति रात