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Tour an amazing interactive art museum

los angeles, संयुक्त राज्य

Chris द्वारा आयोजित अनुभव

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AirBnB guests have the unique opportunity to get a personal tour of this incredible playful museum (only 5* reviews on google), by the founder, curator or experience manager.

Learn about the meaning and passion behind each playful exhibit. Discover why art and play are so good for wellbeing. And immerse yourself into the most exciting new museum in Los Angeles.

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2019 से Airbnb मेज़बान
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I am the founder and owner of flutterexperience.com
Flutter presents exceptional contemporary art in a way that is playful, interactive and welcoming.
Did you know that visiting an art museum is good for your mental health? We partnered with Born This Way Foundation who advise us on mental health and youth engagement issues.
Flutter is an immersive sensory journey that includes mesmerizing videos, virtual reality, painting, dance, sound baths and so much more
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Guests will meet me at Flutter and will take a personalized tour of the exhibits that normally lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

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फ़रवरी 2020
Neat exhibit but not sure why it is an AirBnB experience since there is no difference in our experience versus anyone else going to the exhibit.
Ivy Aiwei
फ़रवरी 2020
It was just amazing as they say when art and happiness meet. Extremely colourful and interactive, it was like Alice in wonderland and everything was simply magical. Superb!
जनवरी 2020
10/10 would recommend. Was something that felt different from other museums and each room was different and unique! Also the workers knew what they were talking about and made you feel welcomed, met 2 cool people as well! (:
जनवरी 2020
The best Airbnb Experience I have been on (I’ve been on quite a few). The art was amazing and had great meaning. I highly recommend it (plus most proceeds go to charity)
दिसंबर 2019
If you are in LA you have to go to this spot! It is incredible, you will feel an array of emotions and explore a sensory, multifaceted space.Chris is an amazing and caring host!
दिसंबर 2019
It was an extra-ordinary and joyful experience. However a little bit over priced. The host was so kind and the staff are super wonderful. If I have a chance, I want to talk more with Chris.

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