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Known as one of the most fascinating open museums Florence is full of amazing architecture, stunning squares, and millennial streets. You will listen to captivating stories behind the Cathedral with Brunelleschi, Signoria Square, and Ponte Vecchio. This walking tour is ideal for discovering the secrets of Florence.

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  • ड्रिंक्स
    Every customer gets a free water bottle before the tour starts.
  • उपकरण
    Radio + disposable earbuds (depending on group size).

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My name is Omer Belke, owner of a tourism company in the center of Florence, My Green Tour. I've been living in the city for over 20 years and running this business in the tourism world since 2015.
I love what I do and my company values good quality and our customers’ total satisfaction, providing them the best tours and culture experience with the most experienced and knowledgeable licensed guides.
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We'll meet at one of My Green Tour offices 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time to get prepared and so you can be introduced to your tour guide and we'll depart from here.

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