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Learn how to dance Argentine Tango.
Every Tuesday, 1 hour class open for complete beginners or anyone who wants to work deeper in the art of Tango.
No previous dance experience is needed.
Tango is a social dance; is entirely improvised, there are no sequences or choreographies for you to memorize. In my classes you will learn the tools and technique required to develop your dance, always emphasizing on the connection, embrace, musicality, and ‘caminata’ (walking).

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I am an Argentinian dancer and have been teaching Tango since 2002. I am passionate about Tango in all its forms, and have great enthusiasm for teaching.
As a teacher, I build around the basics of traditional Argentine Tango, as well as I incorporated a fresh look and new technical elements that help students understand how the body works in dance; always emphasizing the connection, embrace, musicality, caminata and individuality of each person to dance together.

I firmly believe that Tango is “Two bodies dancing one dance together”.
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Pasión Por Tango, "uptown tango", is an exciting creative centre for tango in Auckland and is located in the Parisian building, near the corner to K'road.

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Wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes with either leather or suede soles.