Move the hips with Cuban salsa

ला हबाना डेल एस्टे, क्यूबा

Claudia द्वारा आयोजित अनुभव

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After a brief warm-up, we will enter the world of Cuban salsa. The goal of this experience is to have fun and interact with each other. We will start with basic steps that will allow us to understand Cuban music and we will progress little by little, always enjoying Cuban music and it's rhythms. I can guarantee that when you return to your country you will want to continue learning salsa. Because with music and salsa, life is much fun!
Other things to note
You can bring your camera and take nice pictures and videos of the salsa lesson.

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Hi! We are Yaimara and Claudia. Yaimara has dedicated her whole life to dance. Claudia has worked in several theatre companies and also spent two years at Korimakao (Conjunto Artístico de Arte Comunitario). During the last 5 years we have been dedicated to teach Cuban salsa to national and international students of all levels.
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The experience will take place at a House located in Vedado neighbourhood, where we will have the appropriate place (outdoor) and all the music for the salsa lesson.

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जनवरी 2021
I attended this class with my husband and daughter. We had a lot of fun learning to dance. She was very patient and helped us learn the steps. She even helped my dauhter who was shy at first during the partner steps. I really enjoyed the experience and highly recommended it.
मार्च 2020
There was a group of 7 of us. My first time and it was great! I had fun and even learned a bit to hold my own on the dance floor! Her structured steps made it easy to learn the basic steps. This is a workout though! So bring some comfy shoes!! Would Highly recommend!
मार्च 2020
Unfortunately, I can’t remember the teacher’s name but she was a very graceful dancer and she took the time to break down the steps and by the end of the lesson, we all felt we had acquired a skill that we would have forever!
मार्च 2020
This class was better than expected. It was held on a large porch of a beautiful home. It was so pretty and had plenty of room for our lesson. Our instructor was so friendly and patient with us. She was a great instructor and I left very happy and confident in my new dance skills. I highly recommend this class.
मार्च 2020
This was one of our favorite parts of Havana. We were lucky enough to get a private class with Yaimara and she was very patient and helpful. The location is beautiful and the homeowner was very hospitable. The location is right near El Cocinero and the Cuban Arts Factory, so we went to dinner and the FAC afterward for a wonderful night out. Absolutely worth it!
फ़रवरी 2020
It was a good time. It was a time to make sure that Cuba's rhythm. I was able to get a great partner because I went without a partner. She taught passionately and was a great teacher. Thank you.

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comfortable shoes