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    सुझाए गए परिणामों तक पहुंचने के लिए आगे नेविगेट करें

    समीक्षाएँ Open Homes और राहतकर्मियों के ठहरने की जगहों के लिए कैसे काम करती हैं?

    Guest reviews

    Guests are given the option of submitting private feedback for hosts of Open Homes reservations, and for hosts offering free and discounted frontline stays booked in partnership with the Open Homes program. These reviews are not published publicly on host profiles, or shared with your host, but they do help us inform the continuing development of our program. Ratings from this feedback do not impact hosts’ ratings or status. Guests also have the option of sending a private thank you note to the host, which is sent directly to the host via email two weeks after checkout.

    Guest reviews of hosts for all other frontline stays follow the standard review policy.

    Host reviews

    Host reviews of guests for all other frontline stays and Open Homes reservations are published as normal on guest profiles. All standard review policies apply.

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