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A wonderful free place for every type of caravan or TENT in the city.
In addition, the right to use a personal shower with a toilet with a separate entrance (photo).
Possibility of charging the caravan with water and connection to the electricity.
Free Internet.

Location :

- My house is a perfect location for those who seek comforts on a vacation at the same time with privacy, quietness and the perfect aura of the greenest part of the Tallinn, called Nõmme. As the Old Town of Tallinn has all it’s small streets and traffic, it is quite hard, uncomfortable and sometimes rather tiresome to navigate it with your caravan. Parking in the Old Town is also expensive.
- That being said, I am offering you a chance to park your caravan at a secure location and visit our gorgeous Old Town on public transportation. It will be easy to leave your caravan infront of my house and visit the city on a trolleybus, ride will take only 20 minutes..
- There is enough room infront of my house for even the biggest caravans out there, so the room will not be an issue. Your caravan can be plugged in to the basic ac power and watersupply. Besides that, you will have a chance to empty your provisional tanks on the spot. Free WiFi is included to this wonderful offer.

Registration :
- Fee includes parking for your caravan for 24H, shower, WC, WiFi, AC electricity, water for the caravan.

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ताल्लिन्न, Harju County, एस्टोनिया

My house is situated 20 min away from the city centre and the old town, in the greenest part of Tallinn, Nõmme. The area is quiet and combined with a fresh, clean air offers you an island of peacefulness and calmness in a comfortable surroundings of a beautiful home.
- In the walking distances of my house, you will find a beautiful castle and a park that was constructed under the rule of Baron Nikolai von Glehn (1841 – 1923) (as seen on the photo). Nikolai von Glehn is a person to whom the capital of Estonia, Tallinn owes Nõmme. The forested part of the capital.
- Next to the park is a sporting venue with pools under the clear sky, ski runs that are lit in the evenings, gym and a cafe. Apart from that, in a modest walking distance you will be able to find one of the oldest bazaars in Tallinn – by it’s origin more than 100 years old, but these days renovated bazaar of Nõmme – where people are selling the local goods by mother nature (fruids, vegetables etc). Close to the bazaar you can find the cultural centre of Nõmme, where every autumn (and not only) numerous cultural events are being held – such as Nõmme Jazz, where you can listen to local and worldfamous Jazz-stars.
- Last, but not least is food. If you are hungry and fancy one of the best restaurants in Tallinn, then in just 7 minutes walking distance you will find one of the greatest Georgian restaurants in Estonia, „Pirosmani“, that has also been visited on numerous occasions by Georgian president, His Excellency Mr. Saakashvili.
- I also took the liberty of making a small, but comprehensive brochure about my house, it’s surroundings and a city of Tallinn.

Sports :

- I can rent you out skiing equipment, iceskates – in the summertime cycles and many other equipment for the sporty lifestyle. In 2012 they opened a new sportstrack in a short distance from my house. A track that is in accordance with all the European Standards and is 15km long. I and my son love this track really much, as it is situated in the foresty area and is truly beautiful.
- In the winter, a short distance away, you can find a winter-park with all the needed equipment there for people to have fun. Next to the castle Nikolai von Glehn, you can find a ski run that is lit troughout the day, so you can enjoy you winter activities even in the evenings.

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I born and live in Estonia. I know Estonia as their own: the history, customs, cuisine, geography. We practical experienced travelers . With family and friends, I prefer to just rent apartments in different cities around the world. Then the journey you feel comfortable and to himself, regardless of other circumstances. The most important thing you get comfortable and private conditions for a minimal cost. Do gardening, handmade crafts, sports, dancing and reading.
I born and live in Estonia. I know Estonia as their own: the history, customs, cuisine, geography. We practical experienced travelers . With family and friends, I prefer to just re…

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