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खुद से चेक इन
दरवाज़े का कोड डालकर खुद चेक इन करें।
Chel एक सुपर मेज़बान है
सुपर मेज़बान अनुभवी और अच्छी रेटिंग वाले मेज़बान होते हैं जो अपने मेहमानों को बेहतरीन सेवाएँ देने के लिए प्रतिबद्ध हैं।
48 घंटों के लिए मुफ़्त कैंसिलेशन की सुविधा


मेज़बान की ओर से कैंसिल किए जाने, लिस्टिंग में गलतियाँ होने और चेक इन करने में मुश्किल होने जैसी समस्याओं से मुफ़्त सुरक्षा हर बुकिंग में शामिल है।
कुछ जानकारी का अनुवाद ऑटोमैटिक रूप से किया गया है।
This adorable and spacious apartment designed to inspire you. Lots of outdoor space surrounded by shady live oaks. Convenient location! A short walk to the beach, restaurants, shops. Sparkling clean! Owned by a traveling yoga teacher & surfer, you will enjoy the holistic and eco-friendly touches that encourage mindfulness and simple living. Bliss out on the beach like a local. Great for work from home and couples.

Share good vibes, sleep well and embrace beach bliss in my surf boho style apartment, located beneath my house with its own private entrance and parking.

As a yoga teacher and traveler, I have designed this space to share my simple and holistic lifestyle to inspire you to live your best life. Surrounded by live oak trees in a quiet neighborhood, the space is a retreat to feel relaxed, renewed and truly blissful.

There's a living room with a sofa/futon and 32-inch TV. We do not provide cable, but there's Netflix. Kitchen has a full-size fridge, sink, microwave, toaster oven, french press coffee maker, electric kettle, and dishware/household items. No stove, but an electric skillet also is provided so you can cook simple meals. There's a dining area (doubles as a large workspace) and a large master bedroom and bath with a queen-size bed. The bathroom has a full-size tub/shower and is equipped with natural shampoo and soap.

There’s a patio space with chairs and a hammock swing just for this unit. Shared with the upstairs unit is a large, outdoor shower (available April to October) and a large, shaded fenced in back yard. The yard is truly an oasis, with tree swings, a fire pit and seating, just bring a bundle of wood and enjoy.

I provide yoga mats and two beach chairs. I offer two beach cruisers, which are fine for my beach life standards, but if you want something nicer a rental shop is within walking distance. I provide bath towels, bedding/sheets/blankets, and 1 roll of toilet paper and paper towels and hand and dish soap to get you started. If you need to buy more paper products, toiletries or anything else during your stay, you can walk Walgreens just 1/2 block away!

I do things a little differently than your traditional vacation rental. My team of helpers and I take precautions to reduce waste, such as a providing a Brita water filter instead of plastic bottles and providing recycle bins. We wash linens using natural laundry soap and offer natural hand and dish soap, shampoo and conditioner. Many houses stock up at the dollar store for cheap soaps and amenities that can be thrown away between changeovers. Imagine how this impacts the environment and creates unnecessary waste. I believe in responsible travel and do my best to make this part of your experience. My approach to hosting is very personal and intentional, I'm sharing my way of life with you. My hope is that you will enjoy these eco friendly, healthy and socially responsible touches and be inspired to use them in your own home.

COVID-19 precautions: We follow the CDC and Airbnb guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting. We provide sheets and towels, but feel free to bring your own if you that makes you comfortable and let us know. We have always used waterproof pillow and mattress protectors to prevent stains, allergens, germs and bedbugs. My cleaners and I have five years of Superhost experience and a reputation for being sparkling clean.

If I am not there in person, my co-host, Katie and I are always available online to give you local insider tips.

*When booking, please ensure you list the correct number of guests (do not list as "1 guest" if you plan to bring your family). This will help us prepare the amenities you will need.*

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Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, संयुक्त राज्य

The house surrounded by climbable live oak trees in a quiet neighborhood, just 7-10 minutes walk to the beach at milepost 9 by Martin Street. We are just across the highway next to Walgreens in Kill Devil Hills. The house is tranquil and backs into woods, so there's low traffic noise and lots of trees. This is a very good location and central, you can walk to many restaurants, ice cream, pizza, gift shops and bars! You do have to cross the highway to walk to the beach, but there is a crosswalk with stop light and takes just 10 minutes. The neighborhood backs up to sand dunes and Nags Head Nature Conservancy, a local secret spot for an amazing sunset view of the island. For parks, the apartment is walking distance to the Kill Devil Hills Arboretum, Aviation Skate Park and the Wright Brother's Memorial.

मेज़बान Chel

  1. अक्तूबर 2012 में शामिल
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मैं एक मज़ेदार समुद्रतट हूँ - खुशमिजाज़ी, सकारात्मक और आज़ाद। मुझे घर के बाहर रहना, दोस्त बनाना और अपना काम पसंद है - Airbnb की मेज़बानी करना, लिखना, योगाभ्यास करना और तंदुरुस्ती करना मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगता है।

मैं उत्तरी कैरोलिना के बाहरी बैंक में AirBnb पर अपना निजी घर पार्ट - टाइम किराए पर देता हूँ, जो मुझे मेक्सिको में पार्ट - टाइम रहने की अनुमति देता है। मैं एक स्वस्थ, पर्यावरण के अनुकूल और सर्वांगीण जीवन शैली के लिए अपनी प्रतिबद्धता पर सहमत नहीं हूँ, इसलिए मेरा Airbnb ऑर्गेनिक साबुन, प्राकृतिक सफ़ाईकर्मी, रिसाइकिलिंग प्रदान करता है और मैं एक बार इस्तेमाल किए जाने वाले प्लास्टिक (कोई पानी की बोतलों या डिस्पोज़ेबल आइटम नहीं) को सीमित करने की कोशिश करता हूँ।

मेरी Airbnb जगहें मेरे सर्वांगीण सर्फ और योग जीवन शैली को एक उद्देश्य के साथ दर्शाती हैं कि मेरे मेहमानों को शांति और प्रेरणा मिले। मैं अपने मेहमानों के लिए अद्भुत अनुभव बनाता हूँ और मुझे लगता है कि सकारात्मक ऊर्जा मेरी अपनी यात्रा में मेरे पास वापस आती है।

एक मेहमान के तौर पर, मैं अक्सर सांस्कृतिक अनुभवों का आनंद लेने और प्रकृति (विशेष रूप से समुद्र तट और सर्फ)

का आनंद लेने के लिए यात्रा करता हूँ। जीवन का ध्येय: बस जाइए!
मैं एक मज़ेदार समुद्रतट हूँ - खुशमिजाज़ी, सकारात्मक और आज़ाद। मुझे घर के बाहर रहना, दोस्त बनाना और अपना काम पसंद है - Airbnb की मेज़बानी करना, लिखना, योगाभ्यास करना और तंदुरुस्ती करना…


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  • Katie

आपके ठहरने के दौरान

I'm really chill and love traveling and travelers! I'm usually happy to socialize with guests, but very likely I will be traveling during your visit.

Whether I am personally at the house or traveling, I am just a text away and my co-host is local.

I have lived in OBX longterm and am happy to share all the local hot spots and secrets with you!

I also have 10-years of experience teaching meditation, yoga and holistic healing and can offer yoga and inspirational videos and yoga mats. I designed my Airbnb to feel like a nurturing home that shares my holistic lifestyle.
I'm really chill and love traveling and travelers! I'm usually happy to socialize with guests, but very likely I will be traveling during your visit.

Whether I am pers…

Chel एक सुपर मेज़बान हैं

सुपर मेज़बान अपने मेहमानों को बेहतरीन सेवाएँ देने के लिए प्रतिबद्ध अनुभवी और अच्छी रेटिंग वाले मेज़बान होते हैं।
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  • जवाब देने की दर: 100%
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अपने भुगतान की सुरक्षा के लिए, कभी भी Airbnb वेबसाइट या ऐप के बाहर न तो पैसे ट्रांसफ़र करें और न ही बातचीत करें।

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