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3 bedroom apartment. Ideal for family and friends of Chowan University, or traveling business folks or visitors to the area.
If your company is a local company in Murfreesboro, Franklin, Ahoskie, Roanoke Rapids, Suffolk this 3 bedroom apt is for you. Guests going to V. Beach, Norfolk it's an hr's drive traffic free -stay cheap, avoid downtown hours of traffic.
Parents of toddlers please beware of steep stairs.

*** Special Attention to the following message ***

No pets allowed due to severe health concerns of host. If you are traveling with a pet/service animal and you need clarification please use "Contact Host" and I will be happy to answer all of your questions. For Hunting dogs: if you have cage for them they could be in the carport depending on the weather. Please contact me.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom. 2 minutes away from Chowan University where I teach. Fully equipped to host 7 people. Has up to 6 cars Parking, boat etc.

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Murfreesboro, North Carolina, संयुक्त राज्य

Murfreesboro is a small yet beautiful historical town. The town has a wonderful rich history with one of the first female colleges in NC now famously known as Chowan University.
I love this town because its quiet, friendly neighbors, and easy to navigate to larger cities in minutes. life in the Boro is slow pace, good for people to get away from their busy life to unwind.
There are historical places to visit when you are in town.

मेज़बान Jill

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I am an Assistant Professor and Director of International Student Affairs at Chowan University. I have been teaching at Chowan for about 12 years and love every bit of what I do. I am also an ordained minister, I teach introductory courses for understanding the Bible, Critical Thinking courses and Cross Cultural Communications in Business or in Ministry.

I love to give back to the local and international community. I serve currently as the President of the Roanoke Chowan Community Women Job Core. I am also the President of The Murfreesboro Rotary Club, a member of the NC Watermelon Festival Committee in Murfreesboro NC. I work with Amnisty, Fight against Human Trafic. There are many more services I am involved in and will share with you in person later.

I love people and respect all people. I love to cook in my spare time and entertain. I am known for my hospitality and caring nature. I don't like discrimination of any form. I work hard for the life I have chosen, and don't belief in laziness, work is fun. I work hard and have fun.
I love antique furniture and decorating. I love clean environment.

I am from Ghana, West Africa. But since 1992 I've been traveling around the world. I lived in Italy -Rome, Napoli, and Montacinno, Czech Republic - Prague. England - London, France - Le Provonce, Denmark - Copenhagen, several visits to Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Goland Hights, Egypt, Burkin Faso, Togo, Nigeria, Luxemburg, Belgium, Kosovo, Liberia, so many town in Asia Minor, Phillipi, Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, Thessalonica, Lestra etc. I want to travel South America in a year or so.

I will be investing into landscaping soon to upgrade my curb appeal. I love to research, read all the time, and invested in current affairs. I love sea food, Ghanaian foods, and Mexican foods.

I love a whole range of music, but I listen to jazz, South Afrian Lady Smith, Raggea, R&B, gospel Ghanaian high life music, Italian music etc.

My style of hosting is: make sure my guest has everything reasonable to make their stay comfortable and relaxed. Service Above Self.
I am an Assistant Professor and Director of International Student Affairs at Chowan University. I have been teaching at Chowan for about 12 years and love every bit of what I do.…

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When you arrive, you are totally free to go in and out as you please. You have the entire apartment to yourself.
If you need anything, call me or text me

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  • भाषाएँ: English, Italiano
  • जवाब देने की दर: 100%
  • जवाब देने का समय: एक घंटे के अंदर
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