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Catrinel & Paul जी को हाल ही में आए 100% मेहमानों ने 5-स्टार रेटिंग दी है।
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मेज़बान की ओर से कैंसिल किए जाने, लिस्टिंग में गलतियाँ होने और चेक इन करने में मुश्किल होने जैसी समस्याओं से मुफ़्त सुरक्षा हर बुकिंग में शामिल है।
कुछ जानकारी का अनुवाद ऑटोमैटिक रूप से किया गया है।
The beautiful village of Richis lays within a valley shadowed by the famous Carpathian mountains.
This village hosts three old saxon houses named Casa Noah. Come to Richis to live like in a farytale.
We offer for rent 3 different saxon houses, so please let us know how many people you are and how many rooms you need, so this way we can send you a proposal. The price offered here is JUST for the Blue House, near the church, which you can see in the pictures.

Please read all the details regarding the space!

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Casa Noah

The special and beautiful village of Richis lays within a valley shadowed by the famous Carpathian mountains.
In this village, we host three old Siebenburgen houses named Casa Noah.
It seems to be a fairytale land with very old roads and mysterious old saxon houses.
Smell of hay, traditional old church, children laughing and playing in the streets, sun shining up on the fields, fruit trees and the sound of sheep up on the hills - just a few things that make up this nice puzzle named Richis.
Casa Noah - the Blue House, is located very close to the Old Fortified Church and to the "city centre" :). If you get out of the house and turn right, you will arrive at the lovely old church, curated by a special person, Mr Hans Schass, the last saxxon remained in Richis Village. On the opposite site you can also find 3 shops, where you can buy your neccesities from, but also the very famous local Traditional Bar. If you turn left, you will head towards the other 2 houses that we owe, the Yellow and the Green House - and where we also live. Here, if you keep walking, you will loose yourself in this magnificent, unspoiled region of this wild part of Transylvania. This is the point where adventure starts.
But before this, let's get back to the quietness and tranquility of the saxon house. This place (The Blue House) has a very wide beautiful garden, with roses and an old dear protective Apple Tree. Imagine yourself to grab one book and sit under an apple tree and while reading, just picking from above some apples or enjoy your afternoon, laying and stealing for your body some Vitamin D directly from the Sun.

In the morning you will awake in this romantic surrounding to the scents and sounds of nature, fresh hay and the clopping of horse shoes.
If you are lucky, you can see the hill behind the house full of lovely deers and if you are the "chosen ones" the wise owls will show up in the evening. In Romania that means you will have some positive changes in your life.

You get a special healing due to the natural, calm environment and you will go back to the roots of the civilization. We can promise fresh air, traditional cuisine experiences, untouched nature, a good sleep, quietness, lots of smiles and if you are looking for them, some mysterious adventures and surprises.
The rooms are decorated with traditional old restored pieces, but you will also see different spiritual or traditional objects that come from all over the world and lot of different cultures. We love traditional interior design, but with an eclectic sparkle. We believe that this always reminds us that we are lovely in our differences, but the humanity is ONE and as the objects, we can also fit in the same place together and not to be apart.

The quality of sleep in our rooms is really high. At liest this is part of our guests' testimonials. Bed linen and towels are provided. Even though we don t highly recommend to miss the beauty of the nature being connected to the internet, we do understand the must for being online in these days, if needed. Therefore you have free internet access and wireless.

The kitchen is well equipped, but of course, there is also a "neighbour's" help, when one cannot find everything needed (for example, you can ask the owners that stay in the Yellow House to provide in advance, things that they might have and you really need).

But, there is always the possibility to organize for you special dinners with local families in Richis or the villages around and also breakfasts - made by Catrinel in the Yellow House or the locals in the village.

The house has 2 double rooms and a kitchen in between. One double room has a queen size bed and the other room has a twin bed and another single bed, which would be more suitable for a child or a not so tall person. With a separate entrance in the house, there is a toilet with a small traditional bath tube, an old traditional sink and a toilet.

There is also a special beautiful place in the barn, covered against rain or cold, where you can have dinner outside.

One of the neighbours is the most famous carpenter in the Transylvanian region, mr Christian Rummel. Therefore, if you are lucky to find him home, you can see what he is doing in his workshop.

There are plenty more to describe in what we provide, but we strongly believe that you should be surprised when you arrive here. Come with no expectations and you will get plenty of surprises...
Passionate by meditation, philosophy, literature, spirituality, art, healthy food or fashion, the owners of Casa Noah - Catrinel and Paul - usually attract a wide range of interesting clients. You can have the luck or the chance to meet here designers, musicians, architects, travelers, painters, actors, healers, yogis, beautiful families with children or lovely couples with lovely energies, travel nomads that search for their peace to work in a healthy environment. Richis is a place that nourishes body and soul, whether you come alone, as a couple, family or group, to discover the beautiful region or to enjoy a time out or an active holiday.
A guest once told us : Casa Noah is not just a vacation house, but a great experience. We don't offer only accomodation, we offer the chance to create great memories.

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Richiș, Județul Sibiu, रोमानिया

Catrinel & Paul’s home is located in the same village - Richiș (Reichesdorf) Sibiu, Romania.

The Transylvanian village people welcome you with a open heart and astonishing clearness and simplicity. You can buy local organic products such as vegetables, milk, honey, cheese (different types), eggs and sometimes meat (but please understand that organic food depend also on the seasons). Also, you can buy traditional artwork and furniture in the area, when interested. We are 20 km away from the medieval city Medias and 35 km away from the Unesco unspoiled city of Sighisoara. Moreover, Sibiu, the cultural capital of EUROPE in 2007 is just 68 km away and neverless Biertan (5 km) - the fortified church part of the Unesco heritage, Bran with the Dracula Castle (150 KM away) and Turda with the famous salt mine, a wonderful place to discover for children, but also for a short salty cure for adults (90 km).

मेज़बान Catrinel & Paul

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We are a couple that is united through a strong passion for design and art, healthy food, sport, spirituality, philosophy and travelling.

In our Casa Noah you will find an open heart couple willing to share their lifetime experiences with you ( travelling, healthy food, nature, spirituality, love, interesting encounterings, books, movies, music, extraordinary stories about incredible destinations in the world) and fashion design and meaningful clothes.

We strongly believe that "Happy go Lucky" and we are more than willing to bring smiles on our guests faces!

When we are not in Casa Noah, it means that we are travelling around the world for gathering more lifestyle experiences to share.

Catrinel is a Public Relation agent. She is deeply in love with her country, Romania, and promotes everything she strongly believes in. She loves Romanian design, tradition, authentic people and she is mad about nature and preparing delicious breakfasts.

Paul is an artist. He designs his own life in a very interesting way and loves photography, filming, philosophy and a ecological way of living. He respects and protects the nature. Basically, he works as a tour guide and has already reached destinations as, Tanzania, Cuba, Morroco, Hawaii, Iceland, Zanzibar, Nepal and many more.
We are a couple that is united through a strong passion for design and art, healthy food, sport, spirituality, philosophy and travelling.

In our Casa Noah you will f…

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we are around and help the guest orientate in the area and we can offer them to organise many experiences and also meals with local families.
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