Lakeside Log Cabin Gorgeous Mountains & Katahdin

पूरा लकड़ी का केबिन, मेज़बानी : Mimi

4 मेहमान, 2 बेडरूम, 4 बिस्तर, 1.5 बाथरूम
पूरा घर
सिर्फ़ आप पूरे लकड़ी का केबिन का इस्तेमाल करेंगे।
विस्तृत साफ़-सफ़ाई
यह मेज़बान Airbnb की पाँच-चरणों वाली विस्तृत सफ़ाई प्रक्रिया के लिए प्रतिबद्ध है।
खुद से चेक इन
लॉकबॉक्स का इस्तेमाल करके खुद चेक इन करें।
Once you turn onto the driveway leading down to your charming log cabin, you’ll be welcomed by a vast & captivating view of Millinocket Lake & Mount Katahdin. Guests have commented that it immediately brings them the peace they were searching for. A sudden involuntary smile may appear on your face and it may just take your breath away. Settle into your cozy cabin, launch the canoe & so begin memories that last a lifetime. Majestic Mount Katahdin welcomes you home to this paradise for your soul.

Your log cabin is conveniently located just down the road in either direction from 2 delicious restaurants within walking/biking distance which offer live music, a little convenience store with collectibles, limited supplies, a yummy sandwich shop, & fuel, a float plane service, hiking trails & moose adventures services, boat/kayak/canoe/rafting rentals and excursions, guide services.
These restaurants are also accessible by boat on your lake. Navigating the lake at night requires local knowledge of the lake. Always navigate all watercraft with caution, not under the influence, use navigational charts, avoid excessive speeds, avoid drinking alcohol while driving any watercraft, & be mindful that the Lake has varying depths and hazardous sudden rocky areas which can be difficult to see depending on conditions out on the Lake on any given day. Also be mindful of sudden changes in the approaching weather while out on the Lake and always take drinking water and waterproof VHF radio.

IMPORTANT: Cellphone reception at the cabin depends on your provider. However, in remote areas & especially out on the Lake, it may be non-existant. For those not willing or able to detach from the “internet obsession”, you may use services at nearby restaurants, Twin Pines Restaurant or at the Loose Moose Restaurant where you may have access through the Wifi or Satellite connections.

IMPORTANT: Always wear life vests while out on any watercraft. We have 2 adult life vests you may use.

There are 2 canoes provided for your use on the lake with paddles. You may launch & dock your boats/jet skis/canoes/kayaks/waterskis/watercraft from the property or nearby boat launch down the road for access to Millinocket Lake (your lake), or other large lakes in the area.

Wood piled is provided for fire pit burning. Use of this firewood based on honor system. Please place $5 contribution in the birdhouse just above the kitchen sink. (We pass this on to wildlife conservation efforts at end of season so we can all continue enjoying these great outdoors. Thanks!)
Caution: Only provided wood or locally bought firewood may be used in fire pit.

The property has a Privy onsite. It is located next to the driveway in front of the shed & cabin. Please read & follow simple instructions provided. Always latch closed when not in use.
Inside the log cabin, there is a full bathroom with sink, shower and a compost toilet. Please read & follow simple instructions carefully regarding compost toilet. Improper use of composting toilet can cause it serious damage which will be very costly to repair. Please do not unplug it from the wall, do not stand on it and do not pull out knob nor try turning drum.
We do highly recommend that you close the toilet lid after use.
That’s it.
If you treat this throne with kindness, and respect, it will do the same to you. Feel free to wear the crowns provided while “performing your duties!” 👸🤴

There is a log bunkhouse located on the property which currently serves only as storage and currently unavailable for use by guests. Future plans exist for bunkhouse renovations.

Everyone is at the Lake:
Please keep in mind that neighboring properties may also have guests and occupants enjoying a peaceful & limited vacation time on the lake. Common sense courtesy, reasonable music noise levels and times apply. Please remember noise travels & is magnified at the lake.

Due to local area sensitivity of wildlife, fauna & humans, as well as risk of fire danger/damage, and the nature of log cabins, we do not allow fireworks on the property. However, we do allow and encourage responsible use of the fire pit. Please keep your eye on it & put it out if you walk away. There is fire bucket provided next to fire pit, & fire extinguishers inside the cabin, in case of emergency. Remember you are “out in the woods” in a remote location and fire catches quickly. Do not burn paper in fire.
By its very remote nature, there is no fire truck service & the nearest hospital is in the Town of Millinocket.

Basic starter supplies have been provided for your convenience. For example, Keurig K-cups, Nespresso capsules, sweetener, creamer, salt & pepper, salad/cooking oil, shampoo & conditioner, body lotion & body wash, etc. See “Welcome Basket” for your comfort. Please let us know if you forgot to bring something important. We may be able to guide you where to get.

Sleeping arrangements...
There is a queen size bed in the master bedroom which sleeps two & will be prepared for your arrival. The sofabed sleeps 2 comfortably, and the two futons in the lake room can sleep 2 thinly framed individuals each but we suggest one person per futon for roominess. These linens and pillows can be found in cabinets & above the sofabed.

इस जगह पर मौजूद सुविधाएँ

समुद्रतट तक पहुँच–समुद्र तट के ठीक सामने
परिसर में बिना शुल्क पार्किंग
मुफ़्त वॉशर – यूनिट में
मुफ़्त ड्रायर – यूनिट में
पोर्टेबल एयर कंडीशनिंग
खिड़की का AC
निजी बरामदा या बालकनी
पीछे का आँगन
10 साल से ज़्यादा उम्र के बच्चों के लिए साल के बच्चों के लिए किताबें और खिलौने

चेक इन की तारीख चुनें

किराए की सही जानकारी पाने के लिए अपनी यात्रा की तारीखें जोड़ें
चेक इन
तारीख डालें
चेक आउट
तारीख डालें

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यहाँ की लोकेशन

Millinocket Lake, Maine, संयुक्त राज्य

This is a lovely relaxing lakeside log cabin within a nature lover’s paradise that offers numerous activities nearby, so you will probably be spending much of your time outside during your stay, boating, fishing, hunting, hiking the Appalachian Trail, climbing Mount Katahdin, biking, swimming, suntanning, rafting the wild rivers, viewing waterfalls, moose & wildlife watching.....
but even if you prefer staying indoors, there are comfortable cozy spots to read a good book (books provided), space to play silly board & card games (games provided), watch a movie (DVDs provided), whip up a fresh salad or cook up some chocolate chip cookies, grab that whoopie pie you picked up at the KG and gaze out at the entrancing and ever changing gorgeous views, or meander up or down the road to the local restaurant to listen to live music, grab a beer, eat a fiddlehead pizza and chat with the patrons. You never know who you’ll run into and the interesting lives they’ve lived!

Our log cabin retains some of its original structure from the original owner who had been granted the land and who built the cabin in the 40’s. The subsequent owner doubled its size making it the size you see today. We renovated some to bring in more user friendly features and comforts to make it cozy yet civilized and we’ve decorated with a Maine woods & lake motif but with a whimsical this or that, here and there. Warning: If you want a cabin duplicating a NY city modern loft, this is not the place for you.
We currently do not have internet at this property because we are clinging on to the Motto: “The Way Life Should Be” and we believe it does not include Artificial Intelligence talking back to us, notifications beeping for texts, calls or anything else dinging away the precious quality time we owe ourselves. We should be able to step away from the electronics to recapture our humanity and sanity to appreciate what really matters in life. Don’t worry, the log cabin has electricity and running hot water & it is not as primitive as you think.

You will get waves & smiles from total strangers as you pass on the road in. It’s ok to wave back or even to wave first! Those who don’t wave or smile are probably late for happy hour at the Loose Moose, wondering if they met you the night before, or new “From Away” folks who just haven’t been acclimated yet to our pace and way of life here.

If you have a medical condition or emergency requiring immediate medical care, apply first aid, if possible, & have someone drive you into the town of Millinocket to the hospital or medical center. Dialing 911 may not provide the care/help needed in a timely fashion due to your remote location.

You may see and hear fireworks or music on the weekends along the lake at a distance due to the occasional wedding/event.

This property is one of a limited number of individual homes or “camps” as locals refer to them which are located on small islands or lining the shores of Millinocket Lake. We treasure the wildlife & natural surroundings of this area and we all do our part to try and make as little an impact on the natural vegetation and wildlife as possible while still responsibly enjoying the benefits of our beautiful surroundings.

मेज़बान Mimi

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We have many years in the hospitality industry and thoroughly enjoy providing others a great place to stay and experience the unique locations of our vacation properties with the same attention to luxury, detail, comfort, & service that you would expect from the finest hotels, yet with a special personal touch and unique themes keeping with what makes that property’s location so special and sought after.
We have many years in the hospitality industry and thoroughly enjoy providing others a great place to stay and experience the unique locations of our vacation properties with the s…

आपके ठहरने के दौरान

A welcome visit or call initially to see if there are any questions. Otherwise, you will be left in peace to enjoy your stay. Depending on your length of stay, outdoor trash removal or other contracted work for housekeeping or pump outs may be needed. We will attempt to leave notice in welcome box just outside kitchen door to cabin or call/text/email you with as much notice in advance as is possible so you can be aware of such services and work to be done.
If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, please feel free to call/text/email. Emails may take up to 24 hrs for a reply.
A follow up call/text/email to see how it went.
We greatly appreciate your ratings, comments & referrals, but we especially appreciate your repeating reservations.
A welcome visit or call initially to see if there are any questions. Otherwise, you will be left in peace to enjoy your stay. Depending on your length of stay, outdoor trash remova…
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