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खासतौर पर काम करने के लिए बनाई गई जगह
वाईफ़ाई की सुविधा वाला एक निजी कमरा, जो काम करने के लिहाज़ से बिलकुल सही है।
खुद से चेक इन
दरवाज़े का कोड डालकर खुद चेक इन करें।
48 घंटों के लिए मुफ़्त कैंसिलेशन की सुविधा


मेज़बान की ओर से कैंसिल किए जाने, लिस्टिंग में गलतियाँ होने और चेक इन करने में मुश्किल होने जैसी समस्याओं से मुफ़्त सुरक्षा हर बुकिंग में शामिल है।
कुछ जानकारी का अनुवाद ऑटोमैटिक रूप से किया गया है।
You’ll love my very comfortable reasonably priced 2 story cabin & only 2 straight miles to all the restaurants, rides, shows & Publix on Parkway. There are 2 bedroom and 2 full bathrooms. King bed upstairs & queen bed downstairs. Queen sofa bed in living room.
Big front yard, parking for cars & motorcycles.
NO pets allowed.
There are NO steep hills, twists & turns to get to the cabin.
A great cabin for families with children.
Come and stay at Sugar Bear cabin.
Check in 4pm & check out 10am


-Do not check in before 4pm.

-Front door pad code will be given to check in guests after the cabin has been cleaned.

-No pet dogs or cats or any other animal allowed in the cabin. No exceptions.

-No bridal, graduation or birthday parties allowed in the cabin. It leaves a dirty mess of confetti and trash.

-ADT cabin alarm
Cabin alarm security system with personal emergency response from ADT has the ability to provide monitored fire protection and carbon monoxide detection.

-I do Not provide shampoo, conditioner, body soap, detergent and cleaning products.

-ROKU on all TVs. Netflix on the upstairs tv only.

-The kitchen is fully stocked with everything you need to cook with.

-Must be 18 years old to make a reservation.

-There is a gas fireplace. Just turn the knob on the right bottom of the fireplace to turn it on. If it doesn’t start you will need to text me so I can get maintenance out. Do NOT put wood in the fireplace and start a fire. That will ruin the gas fireplace and at a cost of $2,000 to fix it.

-RING camera video is for your protection. If your car is broken into, your car is stolen from the driveway, limbs fall on your car damaging it, etc. you will have proof of damage for Airbnb insurance or your own. Without RING camera videos you will NOT have proof of damage at my cabin.

-There are bears in this area.
Make sure your car doors are locked since bears will open doors and destroy the inside of your car. Do not leave food inside your car, trash is placed inside the bear proof trash container, keep an eye on the kids and do not open any cabin windows

-Do NOT overload the refrigerator with hot drinks, colas, beer, etc because the fridge coils will freeze. Put drinks inside the fridge as you need to use them. Do NOT change the fridge temperature.

-Please post your pic when you book your reservation.

-Please no vaping, smoking cigarettes or weed inside the cabin. You can smoke on the porch but make sure the front door is closed so no smoke can get inside the cabin. Put cigarette butts in the porch container.

-DO NOT ever disconnect or unplug any of the outlets at the power source because this will affect the TVs, internet, WiFi, AC, heating, alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, etc. I would have to call maintenance to reset it all at a rate of $55.00 and charged to guests that unplugged the power source.

-There are No DVD’s

-No food or drinks in bedrooms please.

-You can turn into the driveway pulling a motorcycle trailer but NOT a large tall trailer or an RV.

-Very important you check out by 10am because housekeeping keeps a very tight schedule.

-Garbage dump is by Pigeon Forge High School and it's right off of Wears Valley Rd right next to the McDonald's should you need to throw out excess garbage.

-Do NOT allow children to play on the inside staircase running up and down. That’s dangerous and not permitted.

-Camp fires are against the law and NOT allowed.

-No fire pit.

-No candles allowed in the cabin or porch

-No fireworks allowed by law.

-No hot tub.

-No security cameras inside the cabin.

-Central heater and air conditioning. Additional ac/heater wall unit upstairs.

-Please don’t set the air conditioner thermostat any cooler than 70 degrees because it could freeze.

-If you are checking in with a service dog you must notify me at time of booking. Service dogs must leave with you whenever you leave the cabin.

-Please don’t bring in a pet in the cabin. If we see a dog in the Ring camera, we will call Airbnb, report you and you will be asked to leave immediately. Moneys paid for reservation will be forfeited.

-Gas fireplace in living room closed from April to October.
To turn on the fireplace turn knob.

-Gas grill on the back deck. Please turn off the gas when you are done grilling.

-Please refrain from disposing of hygiene, feminine products items as well as wet wipes in the toilet because it could damage the septic system. Only toilet paper can be flushed.

-There’s a washer and dryer combo. I don’t provide clothes detergent but I provide 2 toilet paper rolls and 6 towels, 6 wash rags, 2 makeup towels, 2 bath mats.

-There’s a regular coffee maker and a Keurig. I do not supply coffee or coffee filters.

-Sofa bed linens and pillows are in the downstairs bedroom closet.

-Very important ! ! ! ! ! !
Before you check out please put cookware, etc. you used in the dishwasher and start the cycle.
Place TV remotes by the TVs.
Leave towels in the bathroom and sheets on the beds. If you used the sofa bed please remove the sheets and pillow cases and leave them on the bedroom bed.
Please put garbage inside the bear proof containers by the driveway and make sure the gate is closed so wild animals won’t get in the garbage. Do Not leave extra garbage bags outside the bear proof containers. It’s against the law. You must take excess garbage bags with you.


NO ANIMALS of any kind are allowed. No pet dogs. The property is allergy free due to owners being highly allergic to animal hair, dander, feathers and the like. This poses a severe health hazard to host's family members and therefore there are no exceptions to this rule. Service dogs allowed by law.

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Netflix, Roku के साथ 55" का HDTV
मुफ़्त वॉशर – यूनिट में
मुफ़्त ड्रायर – यूनिट में
सेंट्रल एयर कंडीशनिंग
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Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, संयुक्त राज्य

Very quiet neighborhood and cabin is only 3 blocks from Wears Valley Rd and 2 straight miles from the Parkway. Dollywood is 5 miles. No loud parties. Please take care of my cabin like if it was yours.

मेज़बान Terry

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I’m available from 8am to midnight everyday 7 days a week. You can text me on Airbnb or my cell or you can call me.

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