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We are near Woodstock/Quechee and you’ll love us if you enjoy natural setting, rustic woods surrounded by old stone walls and a sweet pond. Get out and explore the Upper Valley, returning to the cozy 1955 El Rey trailer or our 1947 Curtis Wright Airstream. We are experienced innkeepers from So Pasadena CA, Bissell House Bed & Breakfast for the last 15 years. Glamping with us is a great way to get back to nature after winter. You can also rent both trailers and have the entire place to yourself!

Looking for a warm and cozy space? Our vintage trailers are just the spot! Our 12 acre property is heavily wooded and late spring through fall are great times to enjoy the outdoors. Note: Due to a recent major electrical storm that felled trees all over our county, our Curtis Wright is being powered by generator placed in the camp kitchen. Guests may turn it on and off as they wish. We are awaiting availability of electricians to schedule our service.

The 2021 season is here! Last year was our best yet with so many guests enjoying a camping getaway in the natural beauty of Vermont.
Let’s do it again! Come up for a day or more and explore Vermont!

Camping with a trailer is a fun experience for the adventurous. While we do not have an enclosed kitchen, our outdoor “summer kitchen” cook station has some good basics. These include a 3 burner stove, BBQ grill and smoker, pans, utensils, olive oil, and dishwashing area, table and chairs.
We do want to emphasize that you are camping...this outdoor structure is not pristine. We have a roof over the side of a container with electric, refrigerators and a gas stove. It is NOT an enclosed kitchen, there are dirt and plywood floors and the occasional chipmunks and skunk visiting at night. The trailers are not “perfect” but none of us will be at 73 and 64 years old!! :)

We provide some basic pots and pans and BBQ utensils, a colander, knives, grater and hot pads. Feel free to bring your own specialty cookware to use. Each trailer has silverware, mugs, plates, bowls, a coffee maker and grinder, water pitcher and cutting board. Bring anything else that you want to add for your own comfort, such as a cooler and ice, flashlights and rain gear. There are many choices for dining in our area if you prefer to eat out.

Our Curtis Wright is 73 years old and the El Rey is 64. Please expect some vintage aspects, such as door handles, screens, windows, awnings etc. that function according to their age and we will be upgrading them periodically. These are not new modern trailers and we think that adds to the appeal! However they are clean and cozy!

Your trailer is down by the pond, nearby is the large fire pit, composting outhouse, stove and refrigerators. If the Phoebes are on the nest, (as they are as of May 15), we pull the grill out under a tent to leave mama in peace under the roof. The Phoebe Flycatchers nest twice usually, in May and June. Our sweet wildlife pond is pristine, spring fed, and has an abundance of wildlife in and around it. You may even see the Barred owls hunting for frogs at night. Both trailers are pondside, the El Rey is across from the Curtis Wright.
Swimming is allowed, Please read the house rules regarding rinsing off prior to swimming and refraining from getting suntan oil etc. in the pond. We rent either the 1955 El Rey or our 1947 Curtis Wright Airstream. This listing is for the 1947 Curtis Wright Airstream. Our other trailer is the El Rey, please see the second listing for it.

Nights can be chilly so be prepared with warm clothes. Please be aware of weather conditions as rain can impact your camping! That’s part of what makes it so fun to be inside a trailer instead of in a tent on the ground! However mud can be part of your experience outside the trailer and specifically near the cook station.

You are welcome to build a fire in the fire pit and toast marshmallows or grill.... Kindling is available as fallen branches however for larger wood, please purchase locally for whatever you intend to use, or order from us. We do ask that you start your fire the old fashioned way and do NOT use gas, diesel etc. which will leech into the pond and harm our wildlife. We usually have wood on site for sale, advance request is much appreciated and please pay upon arrival with cash, $10 per bundle. A bag of charcoal is $15. As we both work offsite we do request that you order wood early in the day and not at night after we have retired. Order preferably by 5 pm.

Our wonderful resident bats do a great job at night clearing insects! Sit out by the pond and watch them arrive at dusk!
Our Phoebe Flycatchers build their mud nests all over the property and have 2 baby bird hatchings usually by mid-summer. They help keep insects down as well. If it’s a clear night, the stars are usually amazing in the sky over the pond.

We live up in the house and are available to you as much as you’d like! We prefer that you do contact us with your needs to ensure a great experience.
For showers, guests can make the 5.7 mile drive down to Quechee State Park opening May 15 and pay a $4 day fee to use the solar showers which take quarters. The park closes October 18th this year. If you reserve after that date there will not be showers available

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Hartland, Vermont, संयुक्त राज्य

We are on a private road on a mountaintop so access is limited to just our guests and the occasional neighbor going past. Wildlife abounds, we do have deer, raptors, turkey, bear and occasionally moose. Our Phoebe Flycatchers nest and fledge in the summer kitchen annually and you might see the babies learning to fly. We hope our local Barred Owls will be regular visitors again this summer.

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We are experienced innkeepers who have managed The Bissell House Bed and Breakfast in South Pasadena CA over the past 15+ years. We love our home in Vermont and during the summer and fall we rent our vintage trailers on our 12 acres. This is a "Glamping" experience. In other words it is rustic and you need to want to camp! We have a large fire pit, wildlife pond, an outdoor cook station with a BBQ, a propane 3 burner stove, coffee makers, organic tea bar, refrigerator, electricity, WI-FI and a composting outhouse. We love hosting guests...you might even arrive on a day we plan to take the boat out on the beautiful Connecticut River! Come stay with us and experience the amazing Upper Valley and all it has to offer!
We are experienced innkeepers who have managed The Bissell House Bed and Breakfast in South Pasadena CA over the past 15+ years. We love our home in Vermont and during the summer a…

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We live on site and can assist with anything that you may need. Feel free to call or text , we are up in the house we are building. If it’s 90 degrees or so we may want to take a dip in the pond ourselves!
If you find yourselves with questions, we prefer that you contact us for help. It’s much better to ask for assistance in advance than be disappointed afterwards when a simple call might be all it takes for a resolve. We want you to have a great time in at our place!
We live on site and can assist with anything that you may need. Feel free to call or text , we are up in the house we are building. If it’s 90 degrees or so we may want to take a…

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