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This little manor has a large yard covered in grass where you can walk barefooted. Its spatious kitchen invites you to extend breakfast for hours. It has a cosy library carefully stuffed with fine books that offer a good support for rainy days. You will love it here.

If you reserve this house, you will have the entire house and yard to yourself.

House facilities: five bedrooms, five bathrooms, library, large kitchen, yard, parking space, internet.

Children aged 3-12 pay half of the price.

This is a house that values your privacy.

Anca, the lady of the house, can cook all your local meals with fresh Transylvanian ingredients if you are not in the mood for cooking.

This house is known as Tinnen Marz Hof house and the name comes from the local butcher who used to work here, in the left part of the house. There is a nice story about how the people of the village still had this agreement in those times: if something happened to one of the domestic animals belonging to the members of the local community and had to be sacrificed, it was brought here; all the community would then buy a meat loaf to help diminish the financial loss of the owner of this animal. If there was still some meat left sharing, Tinnen Marz would send it to his friend, the butcher of Biertan, the nearby village.

This butcher had many children and was one of the richest people in the village, being also the owner of the local mill. His son Georg married the cousin of Johann Schaas and was the last in his family to live in this house; he used to keep a pub with eine Spieluhr here, so there was also music to be heard in the house.

Georg Mantsch, the owner of the pub, was working with the Romanian army and this is the reason why he was expropriated later that the other Saxon residents of Richiș. In exchange he received a home in Agnita where he finally went, after living for a while in the lower part of the village. In the little house right in front used to live Katharina Mantsch, his sister. You need to picture that above the gate there was this mechanism that helped take the grane up to the attick.

During communism, house 119 was used as an administrative building by the state farm. The manager of this farm, Mr. Ilies, organized a kindergarden here between 1968-1989. All the women in the village who worked at least 120 days per year in this farm could send her children to attend this kindergarden. The wooden floor one can see in the library room was assambled for the kindergarden.

Today, Richiș 119 is what you would call a luxurious countryside house, with fine decorated interiors and attention for every detail. All the furniture and other objects in the house are original things one could find in a traditional Transylvanian house of the time, but bathrooms are up to date. A pleasant temperature is secured by the terracotta heaters and guarantees a good night sleep. You might want to spend quality time in the library and then go out and enjoy the quiet vibe of the garden. House Richiș 119 is a good place to stay in Transylvania, a house with history and attitude. Anca, the lady from the village who takes care of this house, is a wonderful host. Another plus: the courtyard here secures your complete privacy.

This manor is part of the Transylvanian cultural heritage and has been restored with care by Mihai Eminescu Trust foundation.

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Richiș, Județul Sibiu, रोमानिया

Our guest house is placed in Richiș, an authentic Saxon village in Transylvania. This is the most cosmopolite village in Romania, the place that convinced many foreigners to leave their country and move here.

मेज़बान Alexandra

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Anca, the lady taking care of our manor in Richiș, lives in the same village and can be of help if you need something.
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