Hidden in the Redwoods, HotTub, Most Pets Welcomed

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यह मेज़बान Airbnb की पाँच-चरणों वाली विस्तृत सफ़ाई प्रक्रिया के लिए प्रतिबद्ध है।
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सुपर मेज़बान अनुभवी और अच्छी रेटिंग वाले मेज़बान होते हैं जो अपने मेहमानों को बेहतरीन सेवाएँ देने के लिए प्रतिबद्ध हैं।
बहुत सुंदर लोकेशन
हाल के 100% मेहमानों ने इस जगह को 5-स्टार रेटिंग दी।

1. We're taking extra precautions to make it as safe & stressless as
possible....sanitizing everything we can see & think of that gets touched by
human hands: light switches, door nobs and handles, toilet flushers,
furniture, appliances...ETC.

2. The hot tub ALWAYS gets emptied, sanitized, and refilled between EVERY
group of guests

3. Your comfort, peace, & safety are our primary concerns

4. Most pets welcomed :-)

And here are 8 more reasons for renting this hidden treasure:

1.) We are certified by Airbnb to be "Covid Clean" and we take great pride in

2.) You can create an unforgettable experience at a forgettable price.

3.) Every single view (inside & out) is a photo op.

4.) Your neighbors want the exact same thing as much as you
do - PRIVACY, PEACE, QUIET, BEAUTY, and a PERSONAL experience.

5.) It's a great place to hide out if you need some peace of mind combined
with beauty and serenity.

6.) It's hidden in the healing energy of redwoods (& has good parking!)

7.) It's super close to town AND...

8.) I want to STAY a super host! (That means I aim to please - ALWAYS!)

PS...we are providing a basket full of sanitizing options from conventional products (like Lysol, Hand sanitizers, and Pinesol) to green products (such as vinegar, alcohol, and soap). We are also providing gloves and paper towels as well :-)

Before you book I am asking you to please (please, please, please, lol) read all the way through this! I absolutely hate having to use such an abundance of words but it is the only way I can thoroughly orient you to the uniqueness of our environment and make sure you don't drive up to any negative surprises.

This strategically tucked in and hidden home actually invites you to enjoy the lush, overgrown forest of the West Coast, while still being only less than a mile (an easy walking distance) from the heart of Fortuna.

You will be able to get warm and relaxed in the outdoor hot tub that gets emptied and refilled with fresh, clean water for each and every guest. To conserve energy we keep the hot tub turned off between guests. If you are intending to use the hot tub we would love a head's up and we will turn it on for you in advance of your arrival.

The little cottage is right next door to this bigger house and there is going to be a vintage trailer (for VERY up-scaled camping) tucked under the trees on the same property…which may or may not be rented during your stay.

All three rentals are private and have their own parking spaces and private entries. It is very easy to actually enjoy total privacy while you reside in any one of the options…however you may pass each other while using the great outdoors and parking lot. The insides are totally insulated and sounds stay inside…and an extra privacy screen is provided for your hot-tubbing experiences (although it is actually not necessary) :-)

One really awesome advantage of having these three living spaces on one piece of property is that retreats, reunions, people attending the same events, etc. can all stay in the same location. There are enough beds to accommodate 7 - 9 people comfortably (and 5 cars without trailers).

As I am sitting here, looking out my windows while typing this up, I am reminded that we are nestled in the heart of a playground for wildlife. We often hear of and experience sightings ranging from the families of deer who live here to raccoons, bears, mountain lions, and skunks. For that reason we encourage you to be conscious of your small pet's whereabouts during your stay.

We do get frequent visits from a bear who insists on tearing into the the garbage cans if food bits and pieces gets in them...we like to use the bins for recycles and keep the actual garbage in a safe location in the kitchen. The bear is big, tenacious, and when hungry take a stroll through the neighborhood BUT only does so at night. He/she is only interested in food - not people so there is no need to worry about your safety. We, meaning everyone in our valley, have been living compatibly with these magnificent creatures for years and years. There are stories to tell but there is nothing to fear :-)

Being that this house sits squarely in the center of a clearing in the woods we feel it is incumbent upon us to tell you that, although beautiful and sunny most of the day, it is definitely shaded in the early mornings and early evenings. We have an outdoor heater so that the deck can be enjoyed year 'round :-)

Please know that under the gorgeous canopy of greenery comes several other territorial peculiarities. We get spiders and webs (but spray with chrysanthemum oil once a month), we get dust and redwood droppings (needles and branches), and we also get moss, mold, slugs, bugs, mushrooms, and all that comes with living in the moist, lush forests near the coast.

We have gone to great lengths to make this house as allergen free and environmentally friendly to the best of our ability with the resources we have had available to us. We have put wool carpet in bedrooms, hardwood in the hallway, use pure lavender in the diffusers (only when requested), and provide pet friendly guidelines, etc.

In fact...IF you have allergies PLEASE let us know in advance. We don't NEED to put lavender in the diffusers...we can use other oils or none at all. We can't read your mind so we have to depend on you to tell us. And please don't book this location if mold and fungus are an issue for you! This house is literally in the heart of a grove of redwoods, redwoods hold moisture in the air...mushrooms are abundant, mold and moss grows prolifically, and mildew happens rather quickly. We do all the right things to keep it dry inside, ie: good insulation, forced air heating, dehumidifying routinely, etc...nevertheless - damp is in the air...always.

Parking, and comings and goings, may appear a little tricky at first but is actually very easy to navigate. There is room, in the summer months, to park a trailer or large RV on the flat at the bottom of the hill but there are no hooks ups. The flat is unavailable during the rainy season because it becomes a mud bog.

We don't want these things we say to discourage you from coming, but we also SERIOUSLY don't want you to experience any potentially negative surprises! :-)

The bottom line, as our guests, is that you will be living in our ongoing art project. Every single angle and view is designed to be a photo op and a comfort zone for you :-) (except for the ones that are out of our control in the neighborhood).

We know, and want you to know that we know, that our rentals are sooo not perfect…BUT we put a whole lot of time, energy, and effort into making them comfortable, clean, convenient, and candy for your eyes :-) We hope you will enjoy your stay in every way :-)

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Fortuna, California, संयुक्त राज्य

We think our immediate neighborhood is special because, well, there is nothing really "special" about it at all. :-) The house is located behind the beautiful park and rodeo grounds on a meandering, quiet, country road where all the beauty is in the natural scenery of the surrounding and magnificent redwoods...so don't expect extraordinary architecture, landscaped yards, or street lights here, just expect ordinary, middle class, rural living spaces where some are much worse or better than others in an extraordinary valley.

A short 5 minute drive or a 15 minute walk gets you to the heart of the bustling little town of Fortuna where you can get all of your living needs and desires met at grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, auto supply stores, gyms, antique co-ops, and gas stations.

I have a collection of menus and venues and must-see locations available in the house for you to peruse through :-)

What we think is the most special about Fortuna is the fact that it is a fabulous and temperate "home base" for all the events and seasons of Humboldt County. It is just inland enough to sport a warmer, dryer climate than the more northern, western, and coastal towns and is also centrally located to be between a 15 minute and an hour's drive to the historical architecture and events that are abundant and unique to Humboldt.

And speaking of which...there is sooooo much to take in and enjoy here in Humboldt…check the calendar before you get here to see if you can take part in local events like the Fortuna Rodeo, Humboldt Beer Fest, Art and Wine in the Park, and the Apple Harvest Festival, Auto Expo. or the Benbow Arts and Crafts Faire in Garberville!

A visit to Fern Canyon, Agate Beach, and Trinidad Head as well as a visit to Humboldt Redwoods State Park are other incredible sights to behold. (BTW, that particular park has the largest remaining stand of redwoods in the world.) And/or you could take a scenic drive down the Avenue of the Giants via Highway 101, hike the trailheads, or take a boat down the Eel River!

Additional trips within 30 minutes of the property could include Old Town Eureka, the Victorian Village of Ferndale, Sequoia Park Zoo, Loleta Cheese Factory, and Bear River Casino...or simply a leisurely walk in our woods or a vigorous hike on the well maintained hills of our very own enchanting Rohner Park.

मेज़बान Pauline

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Greetings! Evidently part of being a host on AirBnB is sharing some information about myself here. I will happily comply using the suggested format and say the following things: Some of the most important things in my life are my relationships with my family and friends, my health and well being, and living as simply and environmentally compatible as I possibly can with my wonderful husband of 27 (or so) years. Our vacation rental has been a collaborative project put together by me and my son. He is an extraordinary carpenter and he built the deck (and all that is above and below and surrounding it - except for the house) while I puttered on the inside of the house filling it with collections of things I have found at yard sales, thrift shops, and flea markets over the years. One of my main passions is to re-use, re-make, re-configure, and re-paint things, and It is my good fortune that he (Ben - and his family) live very close by. Since he is one amazing and handy man he can put into existence just about anything that comes to his momma's mind...(lol, there are back stories in that statement). Without him, or his awesome brother-in-law (Darryl) who helped every inch of the way by moving stuff, re-moving stuff, holding stuff, changing stuff, fixing stuff, and doing stuff like wiring, rewiring, cleaning, sanding, staining, nailing, painting, and countless other things, this place wouldn't have been totally transformed to what it looks like now from it's original state in just 3 short months. I prefer to stay close to home, vs. traveling like I used to, and putter in my little part of the world. I am of the mind that my health is my greatest wealth so I put a lot of time and energy into maintaining that and helping others learn to manage theirs as well. My main focus is always on the spiritual side of living, along with fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, herbs, and greens as preventative maintenance foods and healing medicine. I believe that the cure and the prevention of most diseases are identical. My deepest interests have to do with living an Inspired and Spirited life...a life that constantly paves the way for peace, freedom, creativity, and lots of people and things to love and enjoy. I tell you these things because, when we don't have tenants occupying the house we offer it up Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's (primarily) for people to rent by the hour or by the day or by the evening for classes, courses, food prep demo's, massage, events, gatherings, and therapy. The topics and happenings that are presented here are very important to us...we (meaning my business partner and friend, Francine LeGendre) are highly interested in offering up the natural healing modalities of mother earth, spiritual modalities for healing wounded souls, and practical behavior modalities for healing damaged relationships . Our menu of concepts include the philosophies, techniques, and demonstrations of some of the greatest minds and teachers that we think have ever lived... We invite professionals who have passions for transformation into this beloved space. These professionals may teach the food-as-medicine concepts of the Medical Medium (Anthony Williams), lead the spiritual wisdoms of the Course of Miracles or the Meditations of Thich Nhat Hanh in groups, share healing touches through the use of Reike, table, or chair massage, do readings from Waite Smith or Thoth Tarot cards, or bring immediate transformation to age-long issues through the use of the foremost, world-renowned leading Hypnotherapy technique (Francine, who was trained by Marisa Peer does that)…personally I like to teach the magic of manners to kids. AirBnB has encouraged me to share what my life motto is...I have two favorites that I really put a lot of energy into living into: Plan, Act, Control, and Modify, Modify, Modify ...and... Every problem is an opportunity. As your host you can expect us to primarily to greet you (unless you come in at hours we are unavailable for greetings like after 9 in the evening and before 9 in the morning), show you how to use our place, and then leave it to you to contact us if you need us for any reason. We are across the road and happy to help....we want you to enjoy our little neck of the woods :-) Peace and blessings to you from Pauline (and Kevin, and our good friend and business partner...Francine LeGendre)
Greetings! Evidently part of being a host on AirBnB is sharing some information about myself here. I will happily comply using the suggested format and say the following things: So…

आपके ठहरने के दौरान

Someone will meet and greet you and give you a quick little tour of how to use the place (it takes about 15 - 20 minutes). We need an approximate ETA in advance of your arrival and a 1/2 hour head's up before you get here so we can send you a landmark pic, have time to get there to meet you, and get all the lights turned on for you. :-)

Because of the crazy happenings in our world today)...I will be meeting and greeting you outside, in the open air, at a minimum of 6' - 8’ away, for a matter of 5 - 15 seconds, WITHOUT a mask. I ask that ALL guests meet me the same way. Once we have met, and we have gotten a chance to see each other’s smiling faces and read each other’s great vibes for those few seconds you can carry on wearing (or not wearing) your masks as you please! It is, after all, your lives and your space, that you are paying for, to live in as you see fit about that.

To explain why...my protective husband most often cannot be with me to meet and greet guests. He does not like the idea of me meeting masked men (or other peoples) in the secluded woods that I could not identify in a line up, lol.

We live in the same neck of the woods as our hideaways, so generally speaking you will simply be our neighbors who's lives are none of our business...HOWEVER, most of the time, there will be someone close by and available to speak to any questions or concerns you may have.

Since there is ALWAYS some kind of maintenance to do on the property you may see me hauling off the garbage, watering the hydrangeas, cleaning up after tenants leave, etc. I will only do quiet things like that (we will not be weed-eating or mowing or doing construction work - unless you are gone during the day) while you are there and I will be in and out of there as quickly as I possibly can be and I will never go inside your home while you are living there (except in some kind of emergency scenario). I will always give you a head's up that I am coming up and for what reason via text.
Someone will meet and greet you and give you a quick little tour of how to use the place (it takes about 15 - 20 minutes). We need an approximate ETA in advance of your arrival and…

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