Nanook's Retreat- Pet Friendly Rustic Cabin w/ AC

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Nanook's Retreat is on a raised cabin in High Valley Park 8 about 4m from the main drag of Packwood. Close to the Cowlitz river and the High Valley Country Club golf course and pool. Pets are welcome with a non-refundable additional fee of $15/pet per stay, Please take note that this amount will be requested from you after your reservation request. Additional gear to help care for your pets while traveling is provided. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram at Nanook's Retreat for more fun.

Welcome to Nanook's Retreat! 
Enjoy your stay while you are here visiting Packwood/White Pass/Mt. Rainier!
We want “You” and each of our guests to be confident in knowing that all of us here at Nanook's Retreat are  attempting to do our part in helping our guests and cabin staff to stay as safe and as healthy as we possibly can!  The cabin staff has diligently been cleaning and disinfecting the cabin and cabin grounds.  If anyone on staff is either running a temperature or feeling sick, we do not come to the cabin, we stay home to avoid potentially getting each other sick as well as our guests! 
As Lewis County has now moved into phase 2, the cabin staff has been cleaning, disinfecting the cabin in preparations for reopening our accommodations for all of our guests.  For continued  success, Nanook's Retreatwill require the need for proactive cooperation of owners, hospitality staff and guests all working together in a joint effort to potentially prevent or slow the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019/SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) • We have developed the “Nanook's Retreat Slow The Spread” plan based off of available guidelines and data from the Center Of Disease Control (CDC), the State of Washington, Lewis County and their respective health Departments, S.T.V.R (short term vacation rental owner forums), Airbnb, VRBO, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Opening Up America Again; guidelines, protocols and advisements • We are able to implement and follow through with this plan for Nanook's Retreat (with all of our guest’s continued cooperation) • We all can successfully maintain the “Nanook's Retreat” plan together as our staff continuously searches for revisions’ to the plan through their daily experiences, your input and suggestions, CDC guideline/protocol suggestions or other updated information/data that is released concerning proper or effective cleaning/disinfecting.  As new advisements/techniques become available or suggested for the attempts to reduce the risk of exposure or spreading of the COVID-19 virus (as well as other viruses), we will be updating our guidelines and protocols for the cabin cleaning and disinfecting. 
Cleaning and disinfecting have been two of the most important parts of reopening the cabin safely for everyone. We encourage each of our guests to help slow the spread of the virus by supporting the practice and actively participating in social distancing and prevention hygiene; such as frequently washing your hands and to consider wearing face coverings if and whenever possible when you are out and about in the community. We ask each of our guests to take an active role in making sure our Packwood community remains as safe as possible.  The Packwood community is not only a very popular and growing tourist community; but it also is the permanent home to a very large retired/elderly part-time/full-time resident population. We thank you very much for your compassion and understanding for the resident’s and local community’s health and safety.
The virus that causes COVID-19 can be killed if you use the right products. EPA has compiled a list of disinfectant products that can be used against COVID-19, including ready-to-use sprays, concentrates, and wipes. Each product we use in our “Nanook's Retreat Slow The Spread” and around the cabin for disinfecting has been shown to be effective against viruses that are harder to kill than viruses like the one that causes COVID-19.  Our goal for the implementation of our plan is to create the safest atmosphere we can within and outside of the cabin.  Our cleaning and 2 step disinfection process begins with general cleaning using products with disinfectant properties and is followed up with a final disinfectant fogging process (using a plant based EPA list “N” disinfectant) after the majority of our cleaning staff has exited the cabin and prior to your arrival.
Nanook's Retreat is currently using EPA approved disinfecting EPA list “N” chemical cleaning products and then finalizing with a “plant based only” disinfectant fogging in our current cleaning/disinfecting protocol.  If you have any questions concerning the products being used, please refer to our “Cleaning and Disinfecting Products Used” page in the welcome book.
“Nanook's Retreat” staff and owners do not enter the cabin if they are sick, running a fever or have been in contact with someone who has been sick or is running a fever.  Owners and staff will practice self-isolation in their own home if they are sick, running a temperature or have been exposed to ANYONE that has been sick or running a temperature.  We here at Nanook's Retreat value the importance of your health as we value ours.  We kindly ask each of our guests to notify us immediately if you begin to either run a fever or become sick during your stay so that she can make any necessary decisions and provisions for our staff or incoming guests and their safety.  We will make arrangements at her earliest availability to be of assistance to you and/or your family if someone becomes ill; for you to have the ability to avoid having any further exposure in public if you desire.  We do have a few staff members and family members of staff that do have compromised immune systems and fall under the category of “Vulnerable individuals” and would greatly appreciate your cooperation in communicating with us any symptoms or illness exposure you may experience during your stay with us or after you departure so that we can be prepared for future incoming guests and staff member’s family members.
Thank you for your business and we look forward to safely hosting you at Nanook's Retreat very soon!

The cabin is best sized for 4 people but sleeps up to 7.
Check-in time is 4:00 PM. Check-out time is 11:00 AM

Outdoor Area-
The front deck has ample seating that can be used both on the porch and below at the wood fire pit- feel free to move the furniture between the areas. The propane fire pit on the deck is available for your use but you are responsible for providing the propane. Please feel free to use the gas grill as well, do not remove the propane from the gas grill to use for the propane fire pit. You may sit on the large deck storage bins as well but they are locked with items for hospitality inside them.

There is a trail through the backyard, feel free to check it out at any point. The wood in the wood rack on the porch is for tenant’s use, anything beyond that must be purchased. Matches and BBQ lighters are located in the cabinet located in the living area inside.

There is a leash holder at the top of the stairs with extra leashes and bags for guests use. There is also a bag dispenser should you just need extra baggies for your dog walk.

The front porch is amazing for lounging rain or shine with a decent amount covered by the eaves. The entire porch is enclosed as well making it an excellent area to relax by the propane pit without having to worry about managing your pets.

Indoor Area-
The off deck bedroom has a TV, an emulator video game system, coloring books and crayons, board games, deck of cards, dice, and a baby monitor.

Under the Double bed is the wire dog kennel, dog bed, and plastic tote containing dog supplies for those traveling with pets such as leashes, bags, dog bowls, extra flat sheets, and a poncho.

The main cabin kitchen comes with a stove top, microwave, toaster oven, instant pot with recipe book, coffeemaker, blender, mini-fridge, utensils, dishes, and various other items needed for cooking. Please use any items you find in the kitchen, they are for your convenience.

Cleaning supplies are also located in the kitchen cabinets should you need them. If you need to know if a specific item is supplied please do not hesitate to ask.

The bathroom has a stand up shower stall, full washer & dryer, sink, and toilet. Please leave the washing machine open after you are done using it. This helps prevent any mildew in a front loaded machine. There are a few toiletries provided should you forget any of your own. The first aid kit is under the bathroom sink. The broom and mop, should you need them, are located in the bathroom as well. As a reminder do not use bath towels for cleaning or for pets. There are large towels on the shoe rack provided for that purpose.

The main living area of the cabin has a TV with a smart DVD player with Netflix and Prime video included for guests; a wood stove that can be used when a burn ban is not in place; a convertible couch that turns into a queen sized bed (Pull out the drawer under the two right side cushions, then pull the strap up to pull the cushion up until you have a bed, the bedding is under the lift-able chaise and the backrest cushions zip off for more space if needed), an electric recliner; TV trays for additional table space; a dining table; Bluetooth rechargeable speaker; and a coat/shoe rack with towels for use on the floor and animals.

In case of power outage there is a flashlight, matches, and additional candles and batteries located in the cabinet to the right of the couch. The cast iron pan may be used on the propane grill outside if cooking is required during a power outage.

The bedroom nook containing the queen bed has a storage closet storage and a hiking backpack for tenants use during their stay.

There is a nightlight/universal charger combo plugged in in both the main cabin and the additional bunkhouse bedroom for tenants use.

Please free to explore all unlocked areas for any items you may require to make your stay more comfortable...

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Packwood, Washington, संयुक्त राज्य

Located in High Valley Park 8 you will be near other rentals, vacation homes, and regular homes. The Cowlitz River is about 4 blocks away. The High Valley Golf Course and pool is about 2 miles away.

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We're Jason Vaughn and Rachel Grimm. We live in Tacoma, WA with our six pets. We love the outdoors and traveling and try to get as much of both as possible.


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You will have complete privacy while staying at Nanook's Retreat. However we have a local team available to assist with anything you may need help with during your stay.

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