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Cozy North Beach Eco-Conscious Beach House

पूरा अपार्टमेंट, मेज़बानी : Pete
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A quaint combination of rustic farmhouse warmth and Chesapeake Bay beach-house relaxation. All created with environmentally sustainable ways of living in mind. We make every effort to ensure our guests will feel as though they are at their home away from home, but also return home having gained some wisdom and ideas to enable them to live more in harmony with our beautiful planet and natural resources.


Guests are provided with the private access and use of the entire 1st floor vacation rental unit, a fully furnished home which we actively update and maintain on an on-going basis. The home is fully equipped with a standard suite of modern appliances and furnishings in an effort to provide guests with a comfortable set of household functionality and options similar to what they are normally accustomed to.


The vacation rental is equipped with a single 55" Wide Screen 4K capable television located in the Livingroom for use by all Guests and their visitors.

Make sure you bring along any account login credentials you normally use to access your TV/ movie streaming accounts (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.) so you can use during your stay. The television is equipped with a 4K capable Roku system which is configured so Guests can easily log in and use any streaming services they subscribe to.

The Roku will automatically sign out of all the accounts which were used by Guests, doing so on the date indicated during the initial use. Additional information and detailed instructions will be available in the House Rules & Guidelines Manual available once your stay begins.

The vacation rental does not include access to any paid streaming services unless Guests use their account credentials. However, we do provide Guests with a basic cable package which provides a limited number of standard definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) cable television options.

There is a DVD/Blu-ray video player located inside the doors of the large cabinet which the television sits upon. Guests are welcome to bring movies with to play, or can watch any of the movies stored next to the player.


The deck, table, chairs, charcoal grill, and umbrella are all shared-use, and available to Guests and their visitors for the duration of their stay. With the comfort and safety of all our guests our highest priorities, Guests are asked to review and comply fully with the designated quiet hours, as outlined in each unit's House Rules & Guidelines Manual available after check-in. These limitations are set as a courtesy to ensure all Guests are free of disruptions and unwelcome noise, and noncompliance will not be tolerated or allowed to repeat.

Please keep in mind that the property is equipped with 2 separate vacation rental units which are likely to be hosting another Guest and thier family. The deck and deck accessories are available for use by any current Guests, 7 days a week, and in accordance with the quiet hour limitations outlined in each unit's House Rules & Guidelines Manual. Under normal circumstances, the nominal default policy for use of all deck-based amenities is a first come first serve basis.

If any Guests would like to be able to plan the use of the grill or a small family gathering which require any of these shared amenities, we encourage Guests to coordinate either directly with the other Guests or through us to make sure the use is fully coordinated with everyone


In order to reach the front door of this 1st floor vacation rental unit, Guests will be required to ascend a total of 2 stair steps, both designed with relatively shallow rise. Those steps will place Guests standing on the home's front deck, and facing the vacation rental unit's front exterior access door.

If Guests are unable use the 2 stairs, the only alternative available to provide Guests access to house front deck is the use of an access ramp which is integrated into the design of the deck's front right corner (facing the house from the street). While this ramp is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or mobility scooter, the location on the property which the ramp is accessed makes the use by anyone far from ideal.

The ramp is structurally sound, with deck boards in near new condition. However the ramp leads from the deck and down into an area of the front yard which is roiled with multiple randomly located large shallow and exposed oak tree root networks. It's important to note, this area is not conducive to maintaining the positive control of any wheeled equipment, nor is it suitable for the safe operation of any wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

These areas should be prudently avoided by any Guests or visitors whose equilibriums are in anyway comprised or are suffering any injuries or conditions which inhibits their ability to quickly shift their center of gravity while walking.


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North Beach, Maryland, संयुक्त राज्य


The house is located on a residential street which isn't the primary route through town, but sees it's share of hustle & bustle on any given day. The particular stretch section of 3rd Street is made up of a diverse variety of young families, a few empty nesters, and a few younger couples just getting started. That said, the volumes of foot traffic can be higher than you'd expect.

Many fellow residents living areas of North Beach which are further away from the Bay regularly use our street during their daily pilgrimage to the water. This has the benefit of providing residents living on our little section of 3rd Street with a disproportionately high level of human diversity than one would normally expect for an area of this small size. This anomaly is both welcomed with open arms and appreciated by our neighbors.

The location puts Guests less than a mile walk to the North Beach boardwalk, pier, public beach, coffee shops, antique shops, US Post Office, and ice cream shops.

There is always something going on in North Beach, regardless of time of the year. We'll do our best to keep you posted about what is planned during your stay, and make sure you are provided with the resources to find more informational.

मेज़बान Pete

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I'm only half of the equation, with my bestie and business partner Katie providing the other half of what we need to make this business run well. I grew up mostly in Massachusetts, Katie grew up in Oregon. We first became acquainted in the mid 90's when we were both fortunate enough to be UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter Crew Chief assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. It was a great city and a heck of a lot of fun. We both left the service forging careers in the aviation industry, albeit doing so at near opposite ends of that industry. Katie refined what she learned in Army and is now a well established and respected Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic. I took the other route, I was going to be an airline pilot someday, and that was that. Funny how the economy has a say in everyone's career plans, with me staring into a pilot labor market where it didn't matter if your name was Chuck Yeager, no one was getting hired. I that caused me to need to refine how I defined the term "career", the alternative likely having it defined for me by someone else. My career took a job standard path, and suffice to say was most certainly more interesting for me than sitting in a little cockpit for 8 hours a day. The breadth of aviation experience I had gained as a result eventually landed me working for the, US Air Force as a civil aviation industry Subject Matter Expert, a hyperbolic title if ever one existed. I left that job able 1½ years ago because it was time for me to do something else. For the last 10 or so years, Katie and I had acquired a number of single family residential investment rental properties, doing so due to 1 part long-term retirement planning, and 1 part forced to do so by imploding housing market. Katie and I had slightly differing strategic doctrine with respect to how we perceived these houses, and what we expected from them in terms of the investment they were supposed to be. In short, I was all about the long game, and year end tax benefits. It didn't matter to me that the mortgage was a little higher than the rent we get, I saw every dollar we needed to spend every month not as money being lost, but money being saved in an investment fund. The house was a bank, and we were putting money into it which we'd eventually set again 30 years down the line. Katie on the other hand felt that if the a house couldn't at the very least break even every month, much less produce positive revenue, than it should be considered a liability which is taking away a portion of our liquidity, which was needed if we were ever going to diversify our assets or increase our holdings. Trying to rent big single family houses and turn a profit of any kind can be a tall order, especially in a region where property values don't give property owners much wiggle or options. One of the issues we were struggling with was the fact that we are terrible business people, just bad bad bad. You see, we have always valued people far more than profit, and racked & stacked our priorities to reflect this. Guess where we ranked the priority of "implement a defined structured rental rate increases strategy which sets all % increases and frequency of rate hikes to match Maryland State maximums, and ensure it is added as a requirement of all 12 month leases, structuring the plan to automatically execute"? Yeah, we had realtors and "experts" asking why we weren't talking the money we were entitled to.... In the 10 years we were on this market of 12 month leases, we raised the monthly rent rate of a current tenant exactly 0 times. Why? Because I don't know how to think on a way that brings me to the conclusion that I'm entitled to someone else's earnings and savings because greed says its acceptable. It's not, and we hope every single one of our Guests realizes after staying at our new vacation rental that it probably never will. Katie and I live by a number of defined values, two are exceptionally relevant here and can be summed up in these two simple mantras: 1. People before Profits 2. Do the right things for the right reasons
I'm only half of the equation, with my bestie and business partner Katie providing the other half of what we need to make this business run well. I grew up mostly in Massachusetts,…
आपके ठहरने के दौरान

We are normally available and in the area if you have any issues or concerns. We'll provide you with a full list of contact information upon booking.

As your booking dates approach, we'll be periodically checking in with you via AirBnB Messenger & SMS Cellular Text Messages to ensure we can provide you with exactly what you need during your stay and that your expectations are being met.


Within 1-2 days of your stay, we'll issue you your access door code and a brief explanation of how the smart locks these codes will be used with are used. We'll also provide you with any last minute details which relate to, or could have an impact on your arrival or experience while you're here.

Examples of these details include, but are not limited to:

- Unusual or extreme weather events being predicted during your stay

- Making all guests aware of the booking status of the second vacation rental unit on the property

- Any North Beach Town Special Events which are scheduled to occur during a guests stay, and what to expect as a result (increased demand for on-street parking, heavier pedestrian foot-traffic, potential opportunities for guest participation, etc.)

- Any renovation or repair work being planned in the property's vacation rental unit or anywhere on the property. With very few exceptions, we will actively ensure we minimize to the greatest extent possible, any needs for us to access your vacation rental unit at any point during your stay. Any exceptions (need to water house plants, emergency maintenance issues, etc.) where we must have access to the unit will be thoroughly coordinated with you prior to our arrival.

- Our contact information and any travel we have planned during your stay which could limit our availability to you or have any implications on our ability to quickly respond to any acute or unexpected needs which may arise during your stay. If we are traveling out of the area at any point during your stay, we will provide you with a detailed set of alternative service options for any possible issues or concerns. We will make every effort to provide you with an equivalent or better level of guest care if we're not available to our guests for any segments of their stay.

We are normally available and in the area if you have any issues or concerns. We'll provide you with a full list of contact information upon booking.…
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