Casa Agave at In-Ko-Pah Spirit Retreat

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This space is a converted shipping container made into an oasis in the middle of nowhere. This property setting is on 10 acres off the utility grid, in the High Desert area of Jacumba Hot Springs, CA. The uniqueness of this home is it's structure, a converted shipping container. Also it's isolation, tremendous views, star gazing, hiking, abundant wild life and special energy add to the charm. The property is powered with Solar and Wind, has mineral rich well water and off a Bumpy Dirt Road.

“Casa Agave” - At Inkopah Spirit Retreat is a small house project; turning a converted “Shipping Container” into a living space. This unique living space is part of In-Ko-Pah Spirit Retreat an environmentally friendly space on 10 acres off the utility grid and located in far E. San Diego County High Desert area of Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 91934. Not far from the U.S. Mexican Border. Considered part of the In-Ko-Pah Mountains. On the Western border of this property you will have a "million dollar view" of Table Mountain, a sacred Native American ceremonial ground on BLM public lands. To the North is the beginning Anza Borrego State Park, to the South you can see the U.S./Mexico border fence and to the East you can see Imperial Valley and Salton Sea. You will be traveling 1.6 miles on a Bumpy Dirt Road to access the retreat center and Casa Agave.
In-Ko-Pah Spirit Retreat creates it's own energy using wind and solar and has clean, mineral rich well water.
Dubbed Casa Agave because of the Agave or Century Plant that is specific to the Southwestern United States and Mexico and grows profusely in this area. The agave can grow up to 30 feet and was a staple of the indigenous people of this area, providing them with: sweetener, medicine, soap, needles, thread, rope, thatching and food. The agave is also used in making tequila.
Wildlife abounds in this high desert area, with many species of: birds, lizards, snakes, rabbits, fox, big horn sheep, tarantellas, coyotes, bob cats and mule deer, just to name a few. My favorite and most prevalent are the: Quail, Rattle Snakes, Road Runners and Humming Birds. In addition I have domesticated animals as part of the family here: Bosco the dog who is the official Greeter, he is friendly and his barking is only to alert me of your arrival. I have two cats and five chickens. The plant life in this transitional area is very diverse.
There are many great places to hike close by: Table Mountain, Round Mountain, Smugglers Cave, Valley of the Moon are some of the places to explore. Four miles down the road is Little Lake Jacumba with Natural Mineral Hot Springs that spill into the lake that is open to the public for kayaking, swimming and picnicking.
To get to Casa Agave/In-Ko-Pah Spirit you will be traveling 1.6 miles on a dirt road with some bumps & ruts, so be prepared.
*I would advise checking the Extended Weather Forecast for the period of your anticipated stay; Extreme winds at times and the dirt road gets impassable during heavy rains!

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Jacumba Hot Springs, California, संयुक्त राज्य

Remote high desert area that is quiet and peaceful with an abundance of wildlife and diverse plant life.

मेज़बान Greg

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I am a single male, retired and living off the utility grid in the High Desert Area of In-Ko-Pah, CA 91934

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I offer meditation with warm up exercises/yoga at $10/person suggested Love Donation. I also offer Energy
Work/Reiki $45/person 45 minute session and available to lead 3 mile Hikes $45/household. Please let me know in advance for planning. I following local Covid guidelines and protocol. Available to orientate guests to local attractions and other tips to help make their visit an enjoyable experience.
I offer meditation with warm up exercises/yoga at $10/person suggested Love Donation. I also offer Energy
Work/Reiki $45/person 45 minute session and available to lead 3 mile…

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चेक इन : 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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