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Your time aboard the Silver Pearl will prove to be a pleasurable and unique experience. Dolphins swim by your windows, birds and fish abound. Glorious sunrises and sunsets, the stars overhead at night. We provide you with the (at-sea limitations) off-grid comforts while aboard.
Shore access is via the 12’ skiff with electric trolling motor. YOU will be the captain of the skiff and as such MUST review and accept the limitations of shore access determined by the tides and weather.

A typical day aboard “Jumana - the Silver Pearl”: You wake from your queen size bed fitted with organic sheets and a light cover, your head resting on bamboo infused pillows. Sunlight is beginning to dabble through the blinds, sparking on the ceiling in unison with the gentle current reflecting from the water surrounding your home-away-from-home. You lay there for a while, in no great hurry. You watch the patterns of light and water reflecting above you while listening to the call of osprey and other birds perching nearby, the occasional splashing is heard from any number of fish that swim by, or perhaps it’s a pelican crash-landing headfirst for it’s breakfast, while a gull pesters it to share.

Ready to start your day, you slip out of bed careful to not disturb your, still in slumber, significant other. You make your way to the fully equipped bathroom: paper products, towels, shampoo, conditioner, etc (called the “Head” on a boat-I don’t know why). There is a porcelain, just like home toilet with push button flush, an over sized vanity, and single shower with glass door. The water supply is ample for an off-grid stay but limited. Detail information will be provided in manual. There is a hot water tank onboard heated directly from 2 solar panels on the roof. So the water is more often warm but not HOT!

On your way to the fully (off-grid: no large power draw appliances, no air-conditioning) equipped kitchen area you pass the sectional sofa, that you easily converted to a double-bed the night before, where your kids, or other guests with you are comfortably sleeping.

You fill the kettle with (provided) filtered drinking water, set it on one of the four, stainless steel cook-top burners and with a twist the electric-start ignites the propane flame-just like at home. Pour-over coffee pot, assorted pots, pans and various kitchen supplies within reach. The cupboard is stocked with ample mugs, glasses and dishes. Coffee, teas, creamers, sugars, and other condiments and spices provided for your use. You have brought your preferred foods and snacks which you tucked away in the (almost) apartment size stainless fridge/freezer or on shelves for dry goods. There is also a full-size propane grill on the back porch.

Taking your coffee with you, you step into the fully screened front porch. An additional room with enough seating for all your guests. A great place to push a few pieces of furniture together and catch an afternoon nap while enjoying the breeze and gentle lapping water on the hulls or play a board game or cards, many onboard to choose from. While sipping your coffee an osprey swoops down clasping a fish with its talons, taking it’s breakfast to a nearby mangrove branch perch or to the nest to feed the babies. A distinct sound catches your attention: the sound made when a dolphin surfaces to take a breath, while it swims by, its fin shimmering in the sunlight. It’s young dolphin swimming nearby jumps and plays like a toddler; as if to say “look at me!”

While you choose a book and beach towel to take to the top deck where you will enjoy relaxing on one of the loungers catching the sun's rays, your significant other is assembling their fishing gear. Anxious to go out on the boat you brought with you and have tied up to the side of The Silver Pearl.

Notes: Swimming or snorkeling from the houseboat is NOT recommended! In this area the water is nutrient rich which contributes to a more murky look and a silty gushy between your toes sensation, and home to numerous varieties of plant and sea-life that you'd like to see before encountering. There are terrific, world-class white sand beaches just a short drive or boat ride away. I'll gladly provide you with details.

The Tides can and will dictate the times that your personal boat may rest on the silty bottom and cannot be operated until the tide rises. I will provide you with tide information prior to you booking. And will offer assistance for ways to make it work for your unique stay aboard the unique Silver Pearl.

(Boat launch and trailer parking are available for a fee at the Marina nearby.)
You are also welcome to bring your own kayaks or other water vessels, launch from the Marina and keep aside the Silver Pearl.

Note: If fishing is in your plans guests are responsible to ensure they have valid fishing licenses for the duration of your stay.

If you didn’t bring a boat with you, no worries, while not a large fishing boat you are provided a 12’ skiff with electric trolling motor (max speed 5mph) to use within sight of your floating home-away-from-home, and to tender to and from the private residence where you park and check in with your host. Tides may also dictate when the skiff can be driven to and from shore. If you are planning on going to or from shore after dark, please limit your skiff usage to motor from The Silver Pearl directly to your designated docking slip and back to The Silver Pearl.

After some star gazing you might choose a movie from the large selection of dvd's onboard to watch on the 40" smart tv.

There are things to consider that aren't an issue when on-grid: you must monitor your electricity use. You are dependent on the sun and batteries. Leaving lights on, or the TV or running the water pump, for extended time will deplete your batteries, and they will not be recharged until the sun comes out the next day. The battery box has an easy to read screen that will let you know just how much you are using and what percentage of power you have left and/or if the sun is adding to the charge. Water: onboard there is a 60 gallon water storage tank and a pump to ensure water flows at all taps. You will know when you are using water as you will hear the pump running and you can see the physical water level fall as you use water. Drinking water (no charge) is separate from this non-potable water supply. The toilet: while very much like your home toilet there are additional considerations. The toilet can accept human waste and provided toilet paper, nothing else! Toilet usage requires both water and electricity and a limited storage tank. Being mindful of these parameters will be very beneficial to the comfort of your stay.There are simple tips to reduce your overall water and electricity usage that your host, Genevieve will gladly share with you based on personal experience.

There are a few other things to consider before staying aboard Jumana-The Silver Pearl: unlike a building on solid ground, a houseboat (especially at anchor) is as fluid as the body of water it floats on. The tide rises and falls twice, pretty much every 24 hrs. Wake from other boats and wind and current all contribute to the ongoing motion. (Far less motion than a v-hull vessel. Two pontoons offer a stability not possible with a single hull.) And when a pop-up storm blows through...you will definitely feel that! For some, like my husband Chris, he feels it but it in no way bothers him. I, on the other hand, have always suffered from motion-sickness, and while still uncomfortable at times I have found numerous natural ways to combat. I will gladly share those tips with you and onboard there will be a free supply of ginger candy and pressure-point wristbands to use during your stay. They help a lot!!!

Definitely not a cookie-cutter vacation! A unique enjoyable experience you'll remember for years to come. Just be careful you might get hooked on being "on-the-hook."

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Marco Island, Florida, संयुक्त राज्य

Your floating home-away-from-home will be at-anchor, out on the water approximately 10 min skiff ride from where you park your vehicle and skiff is docked. You travel along one of the many canals with private homes on either side, once you leave the canal you will see the houseboat pretty much straight ahead with mangrove islands dotting the view. To the right is a Marina facing Marco Island. Ample supplies available. While to the left Goodland offers numerous waterfront restaurants and a fish market within walking distance of where you park.

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I will meet you at the dock, show you how to operate the skiff and explain the route to the houseboat. If you have any questions or concerns during your stay I am available to answer. My husband and me live within (distant) sight of the Silver Pearl, but not to close to intrude. If there are any special instructions regarding check-out I will contact you the evening before (eg: low tide or weather.) Otherwise, check-out doesn't require anything beyond tying the skiff at the dock where your vehicle is parked and departing. A message confirming you have departed is appreciated.
I will meet you at the dock, show you how to operate the skiff and explain the route to the houseboat. If you have any questions or concerns during your stay I am available to answ…
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