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Discover your own talent in sculpture!
Touch a selection of sculpting tools and learn how they are used. Watch a series of videos on ancient sculpting techniques (ceramics, marble carving, carving on precious stones, lost-wax casting). Model and carve an art object under the guidance of an expert sculptor. Take your own sculpture home as a souvenir. Other things to note Don't hesitate to ask me for the availability!!
Cats of Acropolis
Our cat-walk starts near the foothill of Acropolis where we meet our first sociable kitties, get to know their names and their backstories. Freddie and his siblings will welcome you to their area, while Kolovos -our tuxedo boy- will enjoy your petting! We continue our walk through a park where we will meet fluffy Swiffer & Bengal boy who will lure you with their charms together with their feline friends! Strolling through the quiet streets of this neighborhood we find out that every block has a small colony of cats, like chatty Nala and shy Simba ready to still your hearts. We continue our walk towards another park and find our last colony where will meet Gazelle and her best buddy Billy Ray, among others. Our cat - walk finishes at Thissio metro station.
Donkey Trekking in Athens countryside
Before our walk, we meet the donkeys and find out about their nature and special needs and features. You will learn how to approach, groom, feed, put on the halter and handle a donkey. To start our trip we choose the appropriate donkey for each hiker. The distance we shall cover is about 3-6 kilometers depending on your courage and includes a break for water and beverages. The path we take is full of old olive trees and vineyards. During our trekking you will learn how to read and understand the donkey's behavior and how to lead and negotiate with your donkey. Walking by the side of the most patient and calm animal is a unique experience that you will remember forever. When we arrive back to the stable, you can participate in feeding the donkeys, as well as the chickens and the ducks. As a reward for your effort we will enjoy a glass of Greek raki and traditional mezedes. Keep in mind that the start time of the experience is indicative and can be modified according to your wish. As the experience usually takes more than 3 hours, please let us know so we can adjust the duration. We strongly recommend that you choose dates that other guests have already booked. It's much more fun. It is a unique experience to see many donkeys walking in the countryside and it is also nice to make new acquaintances!
Explore the hidden food gems of Athens
Fee includes everything consumed on the walk. Taste the most local food in Athens. Skip the tourist traps and discover the local bites of the greek culture. More of 14 traditional and delicious fresh cooked tastings.We will walk in the heart of central Athens where Athenians make their shopping for the daily meal. I'll introduce you to the vendors of my favorite local shops, I'll take you to a traditional greek café (kafeneio), to a dairy shop which produces its own Greek yogurt and introduces you to a Greek cheese producer in its own shop. You'll meet my old friends in the oldest vegetable, fish and meat market of Athens . I'll take you to the best greek traditional restaurant (mageirio) for a seated lunch and of course, you'll try a dessert. During the walk, you'll also try our best wines and distillates of the region. I'll explain to you how to cook all the dishes we'll try, I'll share local insights about recipes ,tips for Athens ,the islands and the culinary traditions. If you don’t find the dates you want, you can always ask me to make room. UPDATE :The tour is hosted responsibly following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and National Public Health organisation to protect each other’s health and safety . Maximum guests to join up to 8 people due to the safety restrictions Masks are provided (if you have not yours) as well as hand sanitizer.
Santorini Walk, Drink, Eat Sunset tour
The best way to get to know a place is through its food and we will take you on an unforgettable tasty journey through the scenic footpaths perched at the caldera’s cliffs from Firostefani to Fira. On this Santorini tour, you’ll immerse yourself in the yummy local culinary culture and capture countless of your best photos with the fabled Santorini sunset. Do not forget to post your once-in-life Instagram stories! What you are going to SEE//HEAR//TASTE//EXPERIENCE: -Walk along the caldera footpath while you eat and sip your way -Explore the most picturesque part of the island on foot and strike a pose for that million dollar view photo -Enjoy a Greek liqueur & a local sweet with superb views -Catch the last light while sipping an ‘explosive’ local craft beer with local seasonal tapas -Taste Santorini’s most delicious local dishes & the best-in-town souvlaki and see why it’s, by far, the king of Greek street food -Learn about famous local gastronomy & wines while savouring a Santorini seasonal dish & a glass of volcanic wine -Feel like a true Greek by enjoying a 3-glasses Greek spirits tasting session. -Avoid the tourist traps & visit famous spots, historic haunts & hidden gems Other things to note We can accommodate vegetarians and other dietary restrictions.

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LEARN MOSAIC IN ATHENS A four (4) hours course in the center of Athens, right above the Ancient cemetery of Keramicos and very close to the Acropolis and the historical center of Athens, we teach people how to create their own mosaic based on Ancient Greek, Roman and modern designs. Using the direct method our participients will be able to create their mosaic and take it to their home in four hours. Other things to note The concept does not need any experience on making mosaics.
The authentic wine & food with Anydro
ANYDRO FARM produces, processes a variety of local organic products, with tomato “caviar” paste being one of the most celebrated Santorinian products. The farm is a series of traditional caves, located in the undiscovered southeast part of the island. We will handpick local season products from the farm and we will offer you a cooking class on how to prepare some traditional dishes. During lunch, we will vividly introduce you to the waterless farming of our local products. WALKING in Megalochori Village Megalochori is a beautiful traditional village. We will walk through the “kadounia”, stone pathways forming a maze, where you can feel the authentic island vibe, away from the tourist masses. WINE TASTING AT CANAVA GAVALAS We continue our experience with tasting different varieties of Santorinian wines – accompanied with Greek cheese and oven-baked cheese. VENETSANOS WINERY: During our last stop, we will visit Venetsanos Winery Museum and we will take another tasting of Venetsanos wine overlooking the famous caldera and volcanic bay. An image will never forget! Other things to note anydro.gr is our official website!There you will find even more information about the tour. Includes food and wine, transfer from your hotel to all the destinations!
Eat*dance*meet*live*drink*all greek!
The main idea is doing things your travel agency cannot provide.From a family dinner cooked exclusively for you (greek dishes you have never tried before)to having beers over music by a guitar,up a cliff in a secret location in kipseli,with an amazing full view of athens.let me take you off the beaten track,visit our national library,the university and the academy where you will ''meet'' Socrates and Plato.our byzantine eye hospital, coins museum and the change of the presidential guards in front of the parliament.Where do the locals go when they wanna have fun?our kafeneia with live traditional music on the road ,playing the bouzouki and dancing.where do we go for dessert and many other hidden gems in Athens.The fish and meat market where everyone is trying to sell their products early in the morning,along with spices,nuts and all kinds of olives.This tour can be the map through your stay in Athens and the islands.Let me immerse you to the Greek way of living! Other things to note some of the events,like bouzoukia and flowers throwing or bar crawl, are not included.Also contact me for any type of transfers
Bohemian magical night walk in Athens
Step away from the commercial hype of the city as I welcome you to the alternative parts of Athenian vibe. ....Be prepared to be amazed by the mysterious and romantic atmosphere that surrounds Athens and gives to the city a unique touch that not many people get to experience. During the tour I am going to guide you through the most narrow and hidden streets where mainly locals go and I will tell you stories that are part of the local culture. We will first stop in Plaka area to see picturesque little streets and enjoy a walk in Anafiotika, the coziest neighborhood in Athens.( Keep in my mind there are some few stairs in this place, but not a lot) The Second part is a walk among the most iconic cafes and bars in the center of Athens.(we will not sit in any bars-it is more a scouting visit) It's a great way to discover small taverns, bars and cafes and mix with the locals. The places we go to are small gems and are not easy to find at all. We will stop in 1 of these hidden gems to grab a quick bite. This tour is not a bar hopping tour, it's a walk around the places that i love as an Athenian so you can choose where to pass your next days. All are welcome! Solo travelers, locals, groups and couples.
The Acropolis Treasure Hunt
*Check with us for discounts for families and groups* Ian Blake, an Archaeology Professor has gone missing during his research trip to Athens. Can you help us locate him? Treasure Hunting is an alternative, engaging and fun way of exploring classical destinations. In the greater area around the sacred hill of the Acropolis, we will visit some of the most important “historic gems” and will reveal their stories through interactive and on-the-spot challenges. No entrance fee is required, the monuments that we will visit are all free to walk to. Each session is dedicated to one group at a time and children under 8 years old are free of charge. This 3-hour walk among antiquities is technology-assisted and will require imagination, creativity and a keen eye for riddles & puzzles to complete. Ideal for wannabe treasure hunters! The game can be played in a few different versions tailored to the team's experience and expectations: for friends (16 - 99+) or family (08 - 99+) with or without a game coordinator. You pick your fun! Follow us on instagram "theacropolistreasurehunt" Other things to note Mild physical activity required with only gentle uphill and downhill sections. As an outdoor activity, we rely on good weather conditions, otherwise we rebook or refund Remote progress tracking & assistance or game guide Ipad, navigation & internet familiarity

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Sail the Athenian Coastline
With few people knowing that just half-hour away from the city center, there is a beautiful coastline with sparkling clear waters waiting to be explored, we thought to take you sailing the Athenian Coast to experience it on your own, departing from Alimos Marina every morning& afternoon ! Hop on in our modern catamaran, meet her experienced crew and join a heart-filling experience, by sailing the Saronic. Enjoy the views from the bowsprit or just sit & relax soaking up some sun ! Explore some accessible only by sea spots and drop anchor in beautiful secluded bays with azure colored waters for a swim, using our on board snorkels, flippers and goggles. In the mean time you will be served some authentic Greek meze (tapas) and quality Greek wine before making your way back to base for your return. By the end of the trip you'd have experienced Athens by the sea, learn about the historical battles that took place in this area, and learn about the tradition of shipwrights in Greece! Other things to note Weather conditions, may affect itinerary and departure and trip to be cancelled
All-day cruise from Athens to Saronic islands
BestCruise offers you a lifetime experience of a day cruise to Aegina and Agistri islands on an authentic wooden sailing boat. Walk-in ancient paths at the Aphaia Temple in Aegina, revel in the numerous shades of blue of Agistri beaches, dare to jump off the boat in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and snorkel in crystal-clear waters of Aponisos. Aegina and Agistri have a knack of dazzling wherever you explore. Enjoy an exquisite savoury lunch made from fresh, local products will be served, introducing you to the famous Greek cuisine. Please remember the cruise is not private to your group and can host up to 35 people. The registered capacity is 45.
Santorini Gold Catamaran Cruise
After departing from the pier (Vlychada port), you will sail toward your first stop of the day, the famous Red Beach. The mesmerizing Red beach, with its unique colours and wild cliff formations is truly a sight to behold. Whilst here, combine sightseeing with swimming, snorkelling, or simply lay around on the beach. On your tour, you will also pass by the stunning White Beach, the bright and wild beach covered in limestone. Close by, you'll be offered stunning views of the Venetian Lighthouse of Akrotiri, a landmark that offers plenty of spectacular photo opportunities for everyone. You next stop is at the Santorini Volcano, a volcanic hot spring that has water containing healing properties and full of astonishing caves and volcanic beaches. Stop at Mesa Pigadia beach, often considered Santorini's best kept secret. Enjoy a spot of swimming before feasting on a delicious lunch or dinner. You can choose between meals like finger food, BBQ chicken, Napolitana pasta, Greek Salad, Vegetarian meals, Greek Ratatouille, Greek fruit salad and an unlimited bar with white wine, soft drinks and water.
Semi-Private Five-Hour Cruise in Brand New Luxury Catamaran
Cruise with Nostos Mykonos Yachts in sophisticated chic style and discover the gorgeous nearby islets of Rhenia & Delos, or the famous southern coast of Mykonos. Our luxurious brand-new sailing catamaran White Coral, exceeds all expectations with her smooth cruising, ample spaciousness and state-of-the-art design. Her spectacular walk-around layout, large sun-beds and lounge areas, will make your cruise a truly unique experience. Please note, the itinerary is subject to weather conditions and might be adjusted to ensure safe cruising of passengers. The cruise is subject to participation and operates with 19 guests maximum capacity. Important Note: How To Request For Your Transfer Service (Please Read) All cruises offered by Nostos Mykonos Yachts include the chance for a complementary free transfer service from and to your accommodation in Mykonos (before and after the cruise). This service is offered in partnership with a professionally-licensed transfer company. - If you are interested in booking this service, please provide your accommodation details up to 3 hours before the scheduled cruise start time at the latest. - If you book your cruise or if you provide your accommodation details in less than 3 hours before the scheduled cruise start time, you will need to make your own transportation arrangements.
Boat Trip from Athens to Agistri -Aegina and swim stop Metop
I am here to invite you on a fantastic day out at sea on our wooden boat, Calypso, all along the mesmerizing Aegean Sea and its main attractions the islands of Agistri and Aegina. Together we'll discover the most iconic places of the islands, we'll jump off the boat and we'll swim in the best-hidden spots of the sea, we'll indulge in a traditional Greek lunch freshly prepared aboard by our talented chef and we'll toast to many more wonderful experiences with Greek wine. Our activity appeals to all age groups, families with young kids, couples and solo travellers alike.
Open-Air Ancient Greek Theater
We will meet at the rooftop of the Webster University Library & Cultural Center, right beneath the Acropolis and next to the Roman Agora, where you will first watch a short introduction to the Ancient Greek Theatre and then you will have the chance to watch up close the adventures of a present day tourist in Ancient Athens. In 60 minutes and in the most entertaining way, you will get to know six major works of Ancient Greek literature compiled in a seamless whole. Children (from 8 years old) will love the use of 24 handmade masks during the performance Other things to note The performance takes place in a magical rooftop, right beneath the Acropolis and next to the Roman Agora. With the theatre ticket each visitor will get a glass of wine, for adults and a bottle of water, for children.
Barhopping through Alternative Bars in Athens
Come through for a unique Barhopping experience!!! We will visit Alternative, Artsy & hidden Bars in the heart of Athens. We will be visiting 3 bars in 3 hours in Monastiraki, Psirri and surrounding areas. Either you a solo traveler, a couple or a group of friends and you're down to discover Alternative Bars in Athens this experience is for you! Our night starts at the meeting point (Monastiraki Square) where everybody’s checking in on time. Then we’ll walk to our first stop, my favorite Alternative & Queer friendly little spot: Featuring local artists, DJs, pop up bazaars and their signature Cocktail with homemade jam! We’ll have a drink, meet & greet with the group and continue to move from one bar to another (3 total). Each spot offers a round of shots for the road and it's been exclusively selected based on the ambience, culture, music, art, DJs and delicious cocktails. Throughout the night, we'll offer you recommendations for places you can visit on your own time, we'll play bar & drinking games, dance if you may and have a night to remember! The route we’ll be following is carefully curated in advance, paying mind not only to our safety but also the chance to gaze on street art and the beauty of Athens by night.
Discover your own talent in sculpture!
Touch a selection of sculpting tools and learn how they are used. Watch a series of videos on ancient sculpting techniques (ceramics, marble carving, carving on precious stones, lost-wax casting). Model and carve an art object under the guidance of an expert sculptor. Take your own sculpture home as a souvenir. Other things to note Don't hesitate to ask me for the availability!!
Daily Catamaran Sailing Cruises
* Your day starts with a ride from your hotel to the port, where we pick you up in an air-conditioned minibus. * We set sail from the southern port of Vlychada and cruising along the coastline, we reach the Red Beach, which is admired for its distinct red hue, caused by the rich in volcanic mineral soils, making it an ideal spot for a photoshoot. *We do not drop you off at the Red Beach. *We pass by the White Beach, and take some photos. *We do not drop you off at the White Beach. *Our first swimming stop is at Mesa Pigadia cove. *We head towards the Venetian Lighthouse, the Indian Rock next to astonishing rock formations. *As we enter the Caldera of Santorini, a canvas that words cant describe, will unravel in front of you. *We sail around the crater of the Volcano and get a full view before stopping at the Hot Springs for our second swimming session at the sulfurous waters, offering you a natural spa. The springs are rather warm, and often as cold as the sea temperature. * We then sail to a secluded cove, right next to the Volcano for our last swim, while our crew prepares your meal and drinks. * The afternoon cruise enjoys the majestic sunset of Santorini, before heading to the port. * Our cruise ends at Vlychada port, where our driver awaits to get you back to your hotel.
Day trip to Cape Sounio/Poseidon temple
You'll get to have an amazing trip with a local and view Athens's seaside Riviera for more than 60km. During this ride we'll get to check out the view of the impressive lagoon of the thermal lake Vouliagmeni. Stop for a quick swim at a beach with Crystal clear blue/green turquoise waters, where we can chill by the sea and finally arrive at the great temple of Poseidon. This trip is a perfect mix for those who enjoy Greek Mythology or just looking for a perfect beach stop along the athenian riviéra The experience is ideal for people who are looking to escape the hustle of the big city and want to enjoy the drive along the athenian coastline or just cool down at the sparkling, instagramable waters. You will have splendid views of the Saronic gulf and the small islands offshore. Perfect spot for relaxing and then end up at Cape Sounio which is guarded by the amazing temple of Poseidon, where its stunning view will clear up your mind P.S I absolutely love taking pictures so please,ask me ! (*the temple has a 10 euros entrance fee not included in the price*)
The Classic Cruise with Meals & Drinks
Hop on this 5 Hour Classic Catamaran Cruise with Meals and Drinks, and experience Santorini's highlights on board! Embark on a sailing journey with your loved ones, as there is plenty of space for you to move around the deck and marvel at all the unique locations the island has to offer. Everything is already taken care of for you, as we will pick you up from any hotel or Airbnb in Santorini, and bring you back at the end of the tour. Enjoy the crystal water of the famous beaches, coves, secret spots and springs, while our crew prepares your hot meal on board. Get the best tan of your life on the sundeck, or chill at the shaded area and taste a glass of local white wine. Meet sailing enthusiasts and Santorini lovers from all over the world, become a Caldera Expert, and make friends for a lifetime! * The afternoon cruise enjoys the majestic sunset of Santorini, before heading to the port.
Santorini Platinum Catamaran Cruise
After departing from Vlychada Port, sail to your first stop at the Red Beach. Enjoy its unique colors and the beauty of its wild cliffs. Enjoy sightseeing combined with swimming and snorkeling. Sail by the White Beach covered with limestone and the Venetian lighthouse, where you can take photos with the 125 year-old Venetian Lighthouse of Akrotiri. Stop by the volcano hot springs to swim in waters with healing properties. See the stunning caves and volcanic beaches. Your last stop is Thirasia Island, one of Santorini's best-kept secrets. Enjoy swimming followed by a delicious lunch or dinner. The menu includes a variety of finger food, ΒΒQ chicken and pork, seafood pasta, Greek salad, Greek anchovy meze (γαύρος), a vegetarian meal (Greek ratatouille), and a Greek fruit salad. Enjoy an open bar with white wine, beer, soft drinks, and water. Moschato D’Asti sparkling wine is an also an option at sunset.
Rail bike adventure
How about cycling on abandoned rail tracks, enjoying the scenery, the unique view of the Saronic Gulf, and stories about the mythical Skiron and the German machine guns of World War II in the famous Kakia Skala near Megara? We offer the unique experience of riding specially designed pedal-powered railroad carts, on the vintage metric railway that used to connect Athens with the Peloponnese, through a region of unrivaled beauty and great history, from antiquity to the present day. First, you will be informed about the route and what you are about to see, as well as the contribution of the railway to the industrial history of the area. Then you will sit comfortably in your seats, after a short demonstration of how to operate the pedal-powered railroad cart, which is stabilized by four wheels on rails and therefore does not require balance or any other skills. The railbikes are completely safe, and in terms of speed, they are the same as conventional bikes. The length of the route is 7.5 km, 15 km in total including the return to Megara, and it is really easy. There will be stops along the route, during which the member of our crew will answer any questions you may have. Stops take place at selected locations with benches and stunning views.
Traditional Greek Cooking In Athens
Together we will explore the local market, it's the best place to start as we'll be collecting ingredients for our dishes. As we walk the halls and streets of the market district you'll learn all about the produce we are so proud of in Greece as well as meeting some of the traders and catching up on the local gossip... Now it's time to cook! This is a hands-on experience so we'll prep our food before getting on with the class. Your cook will guide you through the dishes, give you tips that could help improve your skills and tell you stories about what you're making, what's going on in Athens and of course, their thoughts on many other things in the world! Your menu is: Dolmades: Vine leaves filled with meat and herb-infused rice Spanakopita: Spinach and feta pies wrapped up in pastry Tzatziki: Greek yoghurt infused with garlic, cucumber and herbs, the most famous of all the Greek dips Imam Baildi: Roasted eggplants topped with a sweet/sour feta sauce Portokalopita: A sticky, soft orange "pie" made from phyllo pastry, oranges and cinnamon We'll serve you your meal, relax, enjoy your food with a glass of local wine or a beer followed by a serving of Greek digestive liquor. Other things to note: Please let us know your dietary requirements as far in advance as possible Wear comfortable shoes - remember we are going to the market The total class size can be up to 18 people
Sculpt an animal from the ancient myths
In ancient Greek history, there was a deep bond between humans and animals. They became symbols, children's toys and played central roles in fairy tales. In mythology, human souls were trapped inside animals under the curse of the gods. Many ancient Greek artists used copper, marble, clay and gold to illustrate these minimal and, at the same time, perfect animal forms. As one of the admirers of this type of art, I would like to invite you on a journey to this magical world through the art of clay sculpture. The workshop will start with a brief reference to the animals and their symbolism in ancient Greece. Then, I will show you my way to create animal forms. You can eventually choose and make your own animal creature and take it back home. The clay animal needs to dry 12-24hours . You can receive the creations after the end of the experience. You are provided with a package (box) that includes the sculpture on a base plus a kit to complete it. So on the shelf of souvenirs (memories) from the country you visited you will have a complete sculpture of your own hands. Or post it to your home address (with an additional cost). The 2hours, workshop take place under the sacred rock of the Acropolis. Also two wonderful cats live together in the workshop. For any further clarification or availability please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you