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Buwama में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए सबसे बढ़िया रेटिंग वाली जगहें

मेहमान सहमत हैं : ठहरने की इन जगहों को अपनी लोकेशन, सफ़ाई के अलावा और भी कई बातों के लिए ऊँची रेटिंग मिली हुई है।

Kampala में निजी कमरा
Private Traditional Hut
Just outside Kampala, situated on top of a beautiful hill sits the Social Innovation Academy (SINA), which empowers marginalized youth to create their own businesses. One of them is the SINA Village with comfortable traditional huts for you. It is up to you to have a quiet time, escaping from the hectic Kampala or to get involved in the SINA community, building houses out of plastic bottles, taking workshops, getting to experience the local villages around and interact with Ugandans.
₹1,537 प्रति रात
Entebbe में कॉटेज
Relax at Hornbill Camp
A two bedroom house on a lovely small island on Lake Victoria hosting 4 people and 6 more in camping tents . Each person pays 15$ for camping tent. A local motorized boat for 10 people max goes for 42$ to and from Nakiwogo, Entebbe while speed boat that takes 10 people max is 147$ to and from. Things to do while at the Camp Hornbill: * sunbathing * Bird watching * Shoebill trekking at a fee * Volleyball * Badminton * Community walk * Ziplining at a fee etc…
₹6,766 प्रति रात
Entebbe में निजी कमरा
14 bedroom guest house, Entebbe
Hey guys, rent out rooms at vine inn. It’s near L.Victoria and Victoria mall. It’s also near beach restaurants and bars like 2Friends and Goretti’s pizzeria. The place is quiet, spacious and private. There’s also a gazebo to spend time on, food and drinks for sale, Tv, wifi, camp fires and Bbq on order, you can play your own music. we can also connect you to boat activities like jet-skiing etc
₹1,223 प्रति रात

Buwama में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए किराए पर उपलब्ध अन्य शानदार जगहें

Kampala में मिट्टी का घर
Upcycled Plastic Bottle Houses on top of a Hill
₹2,038 प्रति रात
Kampala में निजी कमरा
The pride of Masaka
₹1,223 प्रति रात
Buwama में निजी कमरा
Kato's one bedroom rental unit with free parking.
₹4,076 प्रति रात
Kayabwe में कॉटेज
Sleep at the Equator Line!
₹2,771 प्रति रात
Central Region में कॉटेज
Ben & Lily Cottages
₹815 प्रति रात
Kampala में कॉन्डो
Lovely 2 bedroom flat with Wi-Fi
₹2,038 प्रति रात
Entebbe में निजी कमरा
A private paradise on the shores of Lake Victoria
₹14,672 प्रति रात
Kayabwe में निजी कमरा
Equator Bungalow
₹815 प्रति रात
Entebbe में सर्विस अपार्टमेंट
SecureServiced Entebbe Apartment 7min from Airport
₹4,728 प्रति रात
Kampala में निजी कमरा
₹2,853 प्रति रात
Kayabwe में निजी कमरा
Unique peaceful place in Central Uganda.
₹1,223 प्रति रात
Kampala में घर
Lifetime 3- bedroom home with a hot shower
₹815 प्रति रात