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Vecsés में गेस्ट सुइट
Airport-Budapest City transfer Mustang GT Lovers
Quiet apartment located 8 minutes from the airport XXI. century modern residential complex 35 minutes by public transport to downtown Transfer: To the airport or downtown, on request, Ford Mustang GT Arrival may be possible in the morning You can drop off your luggage and request transit to the city or stay and relax if you have no previous guests Covered parking with own electric gate Underfloor heating/AC For an additional fee, prior arrangement: fireplace and jacuzzi, use is also possible
₹3,062 प्रति रात
Isaszeg में निजी कमरा
Cosy room C on the lake close to the Airport
Room C of a house in the outskirts of Budapest with 3 rooms (Room A with bathroom, rooms B and C with shared bathroom). View on the woods and big garden for sports and barbecue. Dogs and kids are welcome. There is a kitchen corner with microwave oven, fridge and water boiler in the common area. We are offering Tea and Nescafe. Contact us ahead for meal and transportation options if needed. 1.5 kms of road in the woods is not asphalted but in good condition. We speak Italian and English.
₹1,772 प्रति रात
Vecsés में कॉटेज
Budapest AirPort Grandmother’s Retro Guesthouse
Grandmother’s house in a fairy garden with three bedrooms, for 6 person. Our place is very close to the AirPort, you can reserve and check-in immediately in the night if you know how to access self-check-in details. Please do not smoke in the house but on the terrace! You can park in the yard and even leave the car if you fly. We have two apartments in the yard. This is the larger one, on the front. In order to close the door Please pull up the handle and turn the key! Thank you
₹2,322 प्रति रात

Dány में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए किराए पर उपलब्ध अन्य शानदार जगहें

बुडापेस्ट में घर
ABG House Pest
₹8,770 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Vecsés में कॉन्डो
Budapest Airport-Vecsés Trainstation Apartman K7/1
₹4,079 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
बुडापेस्ट में कॉटेज
Spacious house in the outskirts of Budapest
₹3,543 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Mogyoród में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
Erika Apartman 4
₹4,211 प्रति रात
Gödöllő में निजी कमरा
Bed and Breakfast Gödöllő
₹2,658 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Pestszentlorinc-Pestszentimre में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
P3 Lodge Apartment with A/C near the Airport
₹2,404 प्रति रात
Veresegyház में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
Relax Apartman Veresegyház
₹3,966 प्रति रात
Isaszeg में निजी कमरा
Cosy Room B on the lake near Budapest and Airport
₹2,215 प्रति रात
Mogyoród में गेस्टहाउस
Erika Apartman 2
₹4,211 प्रति रात
Mogyoród में होटल का कमरा
Erika Apartman 1
₹6,316 प्रति रात
Gödöllő में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
napos,barátságos lakás központban
₹4,425 प्रति रात
Vecsés में छोटा घर
BeeHome Your own, comfy, private apartment
₹4,895 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
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