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मेहमान सहमत हैं : ठहरने की इन जगहों को अपनी लोकेशन, सफ़ाई के अलावा और भी कई बातों के लिए ऊँची रेटिंग मिली हुई है।

Șiclod में घर
DEMETER Guesthouse
It's a "mountainous village at the end of the world". Our guesthouse is a new building, but we reused few materials from the old house which was standing beforehand (materials like brickets, timbers, big stones...). The interior of the house is in vintage style, furnishing made of different woods, like pine tree, oak tree, nut tree. Every room has a different interior design as well as the bathrooms. My husband has a furniture factory so they made all the things which is made out of wood.
₹14,650 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Aluniș में फ़ार्म हाउस
Transylvanian Farmstay
Transylvanian Farmstay is a woodcabin located on an ecological beef cattle farm. The cabin itself is on a 1.5 hectare fenced property whitch features a 0.4 fishing pond, two smaller aqua cultural basins , the woodcabin with a big terrace, and a natural recreational swimming pond, a wooden hot tub and a dry sauna. On the premises we have a few sheep fallow deers and a poney grazing around. The cabin has a double bed and an extendable sofa so it's suitable for up to 4 people.
₹7,848 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Câmpu Cetății में लकड़ी का केबिन
Aster - cheerful 6-bedroom pension
A quiet, peaceful place to relax close to the center of the village. Its friendly exterior, hides modern, light furnishings. Rooms open from a spacious glazed living room overlooking the garden. They have two or three beds with separate bathrooms. The plot borders a beech forest on one side and the river Nyárád on the other. There is a vegetable garden, fruit trees, a small lake, a sandpit and an outdoor playground for children. Ideal for family gatherings, teambuildings.
₹21,975 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान

Dulcea में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए किराए पर उपलब्ध अन्य शानदार जगहें

Glăjărie 490 a में लकड़ी का केबिन
Transylvania village house (entire house !)
₹4,159 प्रति रात
Sovata में निजी कमरा
La mama Marta Room 1
₹1,465 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Sovata में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
Cozy apartment in the middle of Sovata Resort
₹2,747 प्रति रात
Șiclod में फ़ार्म हाउस
LAZAR Guesthouse
₹7,325 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Petrilaca de Mureș में ट्रीहाउस
Peter Cottage
₹1,348 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Praid में शैले
Hillside Haven entire chalet next to the salt mine
₹11,681 प्रति रात
Ibăneşti-Pădure में कॉटेज
River Cottage in Transylvania
₹4,915 प्रति रात
Sovata में निजी कमरा
La mama Marta Room 3
₹1,465 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Sovata में घर
Long Street House
₹7,587 प्रति रात
Șiclod में फ़ार्म हाउस
Hegyi Lak/Guest House
₹9,065 प्रति रात
Praid में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
Csomor Apartman
₹5,494 प्रति रात
Sovata में कॉन्डो
Papp Apartman
₹2,381 प्रति रात