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Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
L'île-Do | condos neufs sur l'ile d'Orléans, Le Flocon - 702
Let yourself be charmed by the Île d'Orléans during your stay The condos of the Île d'Orléans, in the Saint-Pierre sector, a perfect compromise between the dynamism of urban life and the calm of nature. BnbCopilote makes you enjoy the elegance of the new condos on the island of O, eight open concept units, fully furnished and equipped. Come and experience refinement and quality in each of the details provided to make your stay memorable. The landscapes to dream of the island of Orleans From your private balcony, in relaxation mode, soak up the enchanting landscapes of Île d'Orléans, such as Montmorency Falls, Beauport Bay and Cap Diamant, settings that have inspired many Quebec painters. Designed for ultimate comfort and well-being Each condo has been designed and furnished for your comfort. Everything is included, including hotel quality bedding and towels. These little extras that will surely please you ● Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel; ● Wi-fi ● Coffee and tea included; ● Complete and fully equipped kitchen; ● Private and covered balcony; ● Indoor parking; ● Secure building. On request, an unparalleled concierge service. Get informed! The advantages of the Saint-Pierre sector ● 3 minutes from the Île d'Orléans bridge; ● 10 minutes from downtown and the Côte-de-Beaupré; ● Surrounded by orchards and vineyards to discover; ● Dotted with gourmet restaurants highlighting regional cuisine; ● Close to local artisan shops seeking your gourmet side (cider, terrines, confits, apple butter and other local products); ● A few steps from the liquor store economuseum at Cassis Monna et filles. BnbCopilote, the most sought-after tourist residences in Quebec, Baie-Saint-Paul and Charlevoix. BnbCopilote offers you high-end tourist residences according to the highest standards of the resort to meet a unique customer experience in short-term rental: ● A prime location; ● Diversified and high quality rental units; ● Proximity to services, restaurants and activities; ● Easy access to parking; ● Wi-Fi included. Le Flocon is located on the ground floor and includes a bright living area, a private balcony, a bathroom and a bedroom with a king-size bed in a five-star hotel look, an additional flat screen and a large wardrobe. Winter decor is omnipresent and the dining room chairs overlook the breathtaking panorama of Île d'Orléans. By including the very cozy sofa bed on which you will want to sleep in, the condo can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. Your privileges - Freestanding bath and large shower - Wifi - Netflix - Keurig coffee maker and kettle - Fully equipped kitchen, including dishwasher - Washer and dryer - Superior soundproofing - Indoor private parking RULES - The residents of the building appreciate their tranquility and thank you for contributing. Please be particularly discreet in the entrance hall, in the elevator, in the corridors and in the garage. -Cigarette smoking, cannabis and the use of drugs are strictly prohibited in common areas, apartments and on balconies. -Pets are strictly prohibited. -BBQs and other outdoor cooking appliances are strictly prohibited on the entire site, including the balconies. -Noisy parties and parties are prohibited at all times. -For everyone's peace of mind, noise pollution must cease from 10PM. -Your children under 15 must be supervised by their parents at all times. -Our drinking water comes from a well, so we ask you to consume it in moderation by limiting its use. -Please also make sure that the garage door is properly closed after your passage. -Due to the pandemic, wearing a mask, sterilization of the hands and social distancing must be respected at each passage in the common areas (entrance hall, elevator, corridor and garage) ALL OFFENDERS EXPOSE TO FINES OF $ 200 PER DAY (CITQ: 302113)
₹5,730 प्रति रात
Saint-Laurent-de-l'Île-d'Orléans में शैले
Om chalet 2 avec spa et foyer bordé du fleuve
Ce joli chalet chaleureux directement en bordure du fleuve, vous amènera tranquillité et dépaysement désiré sur l'Ile D'Orléans. Un spa et un immense terrain pour voir les bateaux et entendre les vagues au même l'endroit. Profitez de l'accès à l'eau en kayak ainsi que tous les sports saisonniers tels que randonnées pédestre, raquette, ski de fond, motoneige et vélo autour de l'Ile. A noter: Pour la saison hivernale il est fortement conseillé d'avoir un véhicule 4x4 pour s'y rendre. CITQ#305136
₹11,806 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Saint-Pierre में कॉन्डो
[PENTHOUSE-508] Work, Relax & Cook With Great View
Feel home at this new condo located in beautiful Île d'Orléans. The place is perfect for a relaxing retreat or as a base for remote work. It has minimalist design & quite spacious. HUGE outside balcony to enjoy view & sunsets. It is equipped with a functional kitchen, spacious bathroom, AC & high ceilings. It is a corner unit with no neighbor above or below (VERY quiet), so you can enjoy a perfect sleep away from the city's noises. Parking is easy and conveniently located next to the unit.
₹6,677 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान

Île d'Orléans में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए किराए पर उपलब्ध अन्य शानदार जगहें

Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
L'île-Do | condos neufs sur l'ile d'Orléans, Le Bouquet - 801
₹6,092 प्रति रात
Saint-Pierre-île-d’Orléans में लॉफ़्ट
Spacious and luxurious loft on the Orleans Island
₹7,611 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Saint-Jean-de-l'Île-d'Orléans में कॉटेज
La maison du Forgeron/Bord du fleuve; accès direct
₹9,719 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Saint-Pierre में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
Hôtel à la maison - Le trésor de l'Île avec Spa
₹9,133 प्रति रात
Saint-Laurent-de-l'Île-d'Orléans में शैले
Chalet love d'orléans
₹7,539 प्रति रात
Saint-Jean-de-l'Île-d'Orléans में कोठी
La petite maison française. Ancestrale en campagne
₹14,216 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Château-Richer में लॉफ़्ट
Vue Fleuve et Spa
₹5,420 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Saint-Jean-de-l'Île-d'Orléans में शैले
Om chalet 1 avec spa face au fleuve
₹11,020 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Boischatel में कॉन्डो
Le 301 / Chutes-Montmorency / free parking
₹3,403 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Boischatel में लॉफ़्ट
Le loft du Capitaine-Chutes Montmorency*
₹4,523 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Boischatel में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
Initial | Panorama | Chutes
₹7,237 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Saint-Laurent-de-l'Île-d'Orléans में शैले
House of the River, Great Waters ! CITQ #299191
₹10,899 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान