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मेहमान सहमत हैं : ठहरने की इन जगहों को अपनी लोकेशन, सफ़ाई के अलावा और भी कई बातों के लिए ऊँची रेटिंग मिली हुई है।

Junction City में लकड़ी का केबिन
100% Off-Grid Cabin on Four-Acre Pond
If you're looking for a peaceful getaway and are interested in the off-grid lifestyle, come stay at our cabin located south of Junction City. It is 100% off-grid, still offering all the amenities that make life comfortable while allowing you to get back to the simplicity that many are searching for. There won't be another soul in sight unless you want them there. You can BBQ on the propane grill with your family, make s'mores around the camp fire, watch the kids jump on the trampoline and swing, go fishing on the dock, take a boat for a little ride, swim, relax in the screened-in porch, and then enjoy the air conditioning or heating/fireplace when you're ready to go to bed. The cabin sits on a four acre pond, and is truly one of a kind. Rates are $225 a night, and we prefer Friday and Saturday to be booked together. Please message for more information, and thank you for looking!
₹16,330 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Elmdale में लकड़ी का केबिन
Private Chase County Cabin on Middle Creek!
This beautiful vacation rental cabin near Elmdale, Kansas was completed in 2019 and is comprised of modern amenities along with remnants of an abandoned farmstead. The 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom 'Paw Print Cabin' has a loft for additional sleeping and sits on 40 acres of land— close to Cottonwood Falls— complete with access to Middle Creek where you can fish and bird watch. Fall in love with the peaceful Flint Hills while relaxing on the wraparound porch and enjoying time with your loved ones.
₹11,455 प्रति रात
Council Grove में कॉटेज
Home, Charming Cozy Cottage.
Relax with the whole family at this peaceful place to stay. This space is suitable for couples, families, business trips and even hunters. This home features a full fenced yard for housing hunting dogs. A spacious patio for gathering with friends and family. Plenty of space and accommodations for business trips and meetings. The kitchen is fully equipped. Fully functioning laundry space offers convenience. Food options available in conjunction with Saddle Rock Cafe upon request.
₹9,961 प्रति रात

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Morris County में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए किराए पर उपलब्ध अन्य शानदार जगहें

Council Grove में लॉफ़्ट
🌹Luxury Meets Historic Flint Hills 🦬 Downtown Loft
₹12,248 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Junction City में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
Entire townhouse only minutes from Ft. Riley.
₹6,637 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Abilene में निजी कमरा
Comfortable master bedroom within host's home.
₹4,083 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Abilene में लकड़ी का केबिन
Abilene Lake Cabin, Excellent Reviews!On the water
₹8,807 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Cottonwood Falls में गेस्ट सुइट
₹8,982 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Hillsboro में शिपिंग कंटेनर
Unique experience with all the amenities of home!
₹4,491 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Elmdale में ट्रीहाउस
Elmdale Treehouse
₹9,798 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Alma में लॉफ़्ट
The Loft at The Volland Store
₹10,941 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Junction City में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
Traveler Suite 2 Bed 2 Bath Apt.
₹9,390 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Junction City में घर
Two Bedroom Travelers Abode
₹6,352 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Emporia में निजी कमरा
Historic home, quiet neighborhood close to it all!
₹4,083 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Junction City में घर
Home Away From Home
₹6,590 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान