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Migori में घर
Oscar's farm - Set on a 6 ha tree farm
This beautiful stone house is tucked away in a lush little valley 2 km from the main tarmac road. We are engaged in tree and permaculture farming, but are more than happy to welcome visitors. The quiet surroundings and excellent 4G network make it both an ideal holiday and work location. The caretaker's house is 60 m away from the main house, but privacy remains guaranteed. There is no electricity in the village, we generate our own electricity and hot water with solar panels.
₹3,127 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Migori में सर्विस अपार्टमेंट
Serene Holiday Home in Migori
Looking for staycation or you have friends coming to town? I can facilitate accommodation in Migori with the following ☑Well equipped kitchen with modern kitchen wares and gadgets like indoor smokeless grill etc ☑High speed Internet ☑Smart TV with access to Netflix ☑Each bedroom ensuite with hot showers and Queen size beds ☑Good security and total privacy guaranteed ☑Amble parking ☑Very close to tarmac ☑Very close to petrol station, supermarket and other social amenities
₹4,439 प्रति रात
Migori County में निजी कमरा
Pereto Gardens- Serene, Secure, Suburban Oasis.
For those planning to travel to Migori town and looking for a place to stay "home away from home" here is the good news. At Pereto Gardens we care about your comfort and privacy. We offer Bed and Breakfast at an affordable price, extraordinary meeting lounge, state of the art garden for relaxation and photography, we also host wedding events, chamas and team building.
₹1,644 प्रति रात

Suna में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए किराए पर उपलब्ध अन्य शानदार जगहें

Suba Kuria में बंगला
2BR Bungalow near Mara Triangle & Serengeti Park
₹2,466 प्रति रात
सुपर मेज़बान
Suna में निजी कमरा
Dayo Hotel. Budget friendly ensuite rooms. Migori.
₹822 प्रति रात
Migori में किराए का अपार्टमेंट
Cozy, Quiet 2BR 1BA Near Migori
₹987 प्रति रात
Migori में निजी कमरा
₹1,480 प्रति रात
Stelah में फ़ार्म हाउस
Private 1-bedroom house in Off-grid homestead
₹1,315 प्रति रात
Kehancha में घर
3 Bedrooms In Kehancha
₹13,614 प्रति रात
Isibania में बंगला
Cheerful 2 bed room bungalow with hot water.
₹2,055 प्रति रात
Migori में निजी कमरा
Babblers Park Hotel Migori County
₹4,028 प्रति रात
Migori में निजी कमरा
Moh Supremacy
₹1,480 प्रति रात
Sare में होटल का कमरा
Fortune Inn
₹2,877 प्रति रात
Kuria में निजी कमरा
₹2,466 प्रति रात
Sare में फ़ार्म हाउस
Land of Milk and Honey
₹4,933 प्रति रात