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कुछ जानकारी का ऑटोमैटिक अनुवाद किया गया है। मूल भाषा दिखाएँ

Amba में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए किराए की जगहें

Airbnb पर ठहरने की अनोखी जगहें ढूँढ़ें और बुक करें

Amba में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए सबसे बढ़िया रेटिंग वाली जगहें

मेहमान सहमत हैं : ठहरने की इन जगहों को अपनी लोकेशन, सफ़ाई के अलावा और भी कई बातों के लिए ऊँची रेटिंग मिली हुई है।

Pachal में फ़ार्म हाउस
Malharbaug, your riverside solace
If you are looking for a rustic scenic stay with magnificent views of the river and sunset, if you want to wake up to nothing but chirping sound of birds and lie under the starry skies at night, look no further... It's a farm house in a property of about 2 acres located at around 2-3 kms from Pachal. Once you arrive at the location, our hosts would guide you to this unique stay experience. Tighten your seat belts, because it's a bumpy ride... during monsoon, you may have to walk for 750 mtrs.
₹1,500 प्रति रात
Chandoli में घर
Green Meadows Luxurious Villa
We are located admist the Sahyadri Ranges at Amba, our outlandish homestay offers you many pleasures, wake up to see unparalleled mountain view with a soothing sunrise & shirping of the birds take a walk to a fresh water flowing river just 200 mtrs away pick this villa for a cozy family gathering or an intimate getaway with family and friends enjoy the awesome climate all throug the year & many places to visit nearby. You will leave with blissful memories. We are waiting to be at your service.
₹2,760 प्रति रात
Amba में निजी कमरा
The Amba Ghat hugs the Sahyadri mountain ranges at a height of 2000 ft above sea level. It is a mountain pass on Ratnagiri-Kolhapur Highway. This mountain pass acted as a connecting link from Kolhapur to the Konkan during Shivaji Maharaj’s time. It is in close proximity to the historical Pawankhind and the Vishalgad Fort as also Rehan Baba Dargah. Amba Ghat is well known for its beautiful verdant surroundings and cool weather and is a convenient tourist destination for short weekend holidays.
₹1,200 प्रति रात

Amba में छुट्टियाँ बिताने के लिए किराए पर उपलब्ध अन्य शानदार जगहें

Maharashtra में निजी कमरा
Whispering Woods Farmstay,Amba(Pardise Flycatcher)
₹3,200 प्रति रात
Dhundare में घर
FlyHigh Holiday Villa “Konkan”
₹2,500 प्रति रात
Ratnagiri में निजी कमरा
The Indian Pitta House
₹2,600 प्रति रात
Ratnagiri में निजी कमरा
भारतीय पिट्टा हाउस
₹1,330 प्रति रात
Devrukh में निजी कमरा
Snehal Residency 001, Devrukh, Ratnagiri, Ganpatip
₹1,000 प्रति रात
Maharashtra में कोठी
पूल के साथ पहाड़ी पर निजी विला
₹20,500 प्रति रात
Ratnagiri में फ़ार्म हाउस
The Indian pitta house
₹1,246 प्रति रात
Kondwadi में निजी कमरा
Shahtai By The Lake - AC Cottage with Terrace
₹6,600 प्रति रात
Ratnagiri में निजी कमरा
Cherilyn Monta - Studio Room
₹10,980 प्रति रात
Ratnagiri में निजी कमरा
Cherilyn Monta - 4BHK Villa
₹23,180 प्रति रात
Ratnagiri में निजी कमरा
Cherilyn Monta - 3BHK Villa
₹17,690 प्रति रात
Ratnagiri में निजी कमरा
Cherilyn Monta - Deluxe Suite Room
₹5,500 प्रति रात
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