खोज इनपुट में टाइप करने पर सुझाव दिखाई देंगे। अच्छी तरह गौर करने के लिए 'अप' और 'डाउन' ऐरो का इस्तेमाल करें। चुनने के लिए 'एंटर' का इस्तेमाल करें। अगर चुनाव एक वाक्यांश है, तो वह वाक्यांश खोज के लिए सबमिट कर दिया जाएगा। अगर सुझाव एक लिंक है, तो ब्राउज़र उस पेज पर लेकर जाएगा।
कैसे करें

नियम-सेट कैसे काम करते हैं?

If you have multiple listings, you may have access to features that let you to create custom pricing and availability rules that you can save and apply to multiple listings.

How discounts are applied

If you have multiple discounts that could apply to a given trip or night, this is how they will be applied:

  • Discounts are multiplied together rather than added together (example below)
  • Length of stay discounts (weekly or monthly) are not combined with other discounts, except the New Host Promotion
  • If you use Length of Stay discounts and another discount (other than a New Host Promotion), we will apply only the Length of Stay discount

How rule-sets works

You name your rule-set, then add rules for how you’d like your nightly price to change when your rule-set is applied.

You can add the following rules to a rule-set:

  • Nightly price: Adjust the price per night for your listing based on the time of year. For example, you can create a rule that increases your nightly price by 10% for dates during the holiday season.
  • Length-of-stay discounts: Give guests a discount for booking longer stays. You can discount by the week, month, or a custom timeframe that you create.
  • Last-minute discounts: Reduce your nightly price as the check-in date gets closer.
  • Early-bird discounts: Add a discount for booking further in advance.
  • Trip length requirements: Set the minimum and maximum number of nights that guests can book.
  • Check-in and checkout requirements: Choose the days that guests can check in and out.

How rules are used to calculate your nightly price

Once you apply a rule-set to a listing, it will override existing pricing and availability settings you’ve set for those dates. However, these rules will not affect listing prices when Smart Pricing is turned on—so you must turn Smart Pricing off in order to use this feature.

If your rule-set includes multiple pricing rules, they’ll be applied in this order:

  1. Nightly and weekend pricing
  2. Length-of-stay (weekly, monthly) discounts
  3. Early-bird and last-minute discounts

For example, this is how the price would be calculated using a rule-set with both a nightly rate rule and an early-bird discount rule:

  • Nightly rate of $100 plus a nightly rate increase of 10% = $110
  • $110 minus a 20% early-bird discount = $88

In another example, this is how the price would be calculated using a rule-set with a nightly rate rule, an early-bird discount, and a weekly discount:

  • Nightly rate of $100 plus a 10% nightly rate increase = $110
  • Early-bird discount of 20% combined with a monthly discount of 30%
  • Total takes the $110 nightly rate and applies only the 30% monthly discount for a total of $77.00

After the price is calculated using your rule-sets, the cleaning and Airbnb service fee are added to the total reservation price.

Find out more about how to create and edit rule-sets.

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